6 Best DXRacer Chairs in 2022

If you’ve been looking for a gaming chair, chances are you’ve come across DXRacer. With its lineup of premium products, you probably have gotten more curious.

Now here you are trying to understand what the buzz is about. I was also curious about this brand, so I did my research. I decided to pass on the information I gathered to make things a bit easier for you. The company’s several series of gaming chairs can be confusing. So I started with culling the best DXRacer chair for the most common needs.

See which series and model suits your case as you scroll down.

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Best DXRacer Chairs

1. DXRacer Formula Series Conventional Gaming Chair Mesh OH/FD01

Best Overall

Made from strong mesh and polyurethane (PU) leather, this model is the best among DXRacer chairs. It represents the racing identity of the company, which used to manufacture car seats for luxury cars. That taste of luxury is explored in this chair with headrest and lumbar cushions. Its steel frame is stable, keeping the unit durable.

To boost comfort for extended sitting, it is outfitted with high-density foam padding. Its 135-degree recline and adjustable armrests complete the experience for me. But the 2-inch caster wheels that promote mobility add to the things to love about this product.

I also appreciate the 180-pound actual weight capacity of the chair, with a published maximum of 200 pounds. It caters to people who are up to 5’8” tall as well. It is equipped with a Class 4 gas lift to make height adjustment pretty easy.

You may find the mesh component a godsend if you are the type who sweats a lot when the chair isn’t breathable. Expect a long-time reliance on this model, backed by a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. It costs $289 (suggested retail price), which is not surprising for a premium offering.

If the company could make things better, I think they should replace the plastic wheel, which is prone to cracking.

DXRacer Formula Series Conventional Gaming Chair Mesh OH/FD01 is Suitable For:

With generally good features, this model is compatible with users who want to focus on their video games for hours on end. Its comfort, ergonomics, and support functions are solid.

No products found.


  • It can cater to users up to 180 lbs in practice.
  • It accommodates people who are up to 5’8” tall.
  • It features cushioning for the head and lumbar area.
  • It has adjustable armrests, height, and back angles.
  • Its fabric is made from breathable mesh.


  • Its plastic wheels are prone to cracking.
  • The armrests cannot be adjusted alongside the back angle.

2. DXRacer Racing Series OH/RW106

Best Overall Runner-Up

This model shares some of the features with FD01. Let’s enumerate: 

  • breathable mesh and PU material to cover the outside; 
  • high-density mold-shaping foam that conforms to your body; 
  • a reclining back that tilts smoothly up to 135 degrees; 
  • an adjustable pair of 3D armrests; 
  • a Class 4 gas lift; 2-inch caster wheels and a nylon base; 
  • and a sturdy metal frame.

But on top of these things, you can find the waterfall seat helping relieve pressure off your lower body. Its maximum weight capacity is the same as that of the FD01 at 200 lbs, but it can cater to tall people, specifically those who reach 5’11” to 6′.

It has a BIFMA (Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer’s Association) certification for strength and durability. Yet, it can be narrow for individuals who have broad shoulders and heavier profiles. This concern applies especially to people with a wide upper body. You may feel the area below the headrest a source of discomfort.

Also, its price can reach up to almost $300, still an attractive cost if you are in search of a premium choice. The lifetime warranty for the frame also works for this one. The warranty for accessories lasts only for two years, though.

Racing Series OH/RW106 is Suitable For:

Premium buyers who are tall with a slim build may fit into the narrow profile of this chair. It is ergonomically appealing as well, just like the Formula Series FD01.

No products found.


  • It is adjustable, supportive, and comfortable.
  • It has a waterfall edge seat for lower body support.
  • It has 3D armrests.
  • It accommodates tall people.
  • It has a BIFMA (and SGS) certification.


  • It can be pricey for some individuals.
  • It may be too narrow for people with heavier builds.

3. Racing Series PRO Gaming Chair OH/RV001

Best Value

Adjustability and support are present in this model, its construction delivers some comfort from the backrest down to the base. The upper base frame is made of steel, while the lower base is structured using aluminum. The foam is wrapped up in the vinyl and PU leather combo the company’s products are known for.

So you see, these are the usual features found in a DXRacer gaming chair. Between gaming sessions, you can sit back and relax with the model’s recline feature. You can adjust the height and the armrests to suit your needs at the moment. In particular, I like the 17-inch-wide and 18-inch-deep seat comfortable, with its raised edges allowing some snug fit.

A maximum capacity of 220 pounds is set for users, so this is heavy-duty. But it is not the biggest among the DXRacer offerings. That title belongs to any of the Tank, Sentinel, and King Series models.

At the base, the 3-inch casters are protected by rubber. All of these parts are detachable, except for the pre-attached armrests. Assembly may require more than one person in this regard. This one costs around $350, as expected in a premium option.

DXRacer Racing Series PRO Gaming Chair OH/RV001 is Suitable For:

This chair is compatible with individuals who weigh 220 lbs at most. It is also wide and deep enough for most users. Those who want to get value for money can also benefit from this one.

No products found.


  • It sports a comfortable and supportive design.
  • It comes with adjustable functions for better customization.
  • It is deep and wide enough to accommodate regular users.
  • It has a reasonable price for its type.


  • It may not be easy to set up all by yourself.
  • It may feel too firm for some people.

4. Racing Series Conventional Gaming Chair OH/RE0

Best Value Runner-Up

Last but not least, on the list of best gaming chairs is the OH/RE0. You will understand how the manufacturer uses codes to distinguish its products. But for now, this model is distinguished by its tall backseat and high-density foam. These qualities make it an ideal seat for immersive gaming or esports viewing.

The patented race car seat incorporates breathable PU leather, covering the firm yet comfortable padding. The latter may not be as supple as you wish it to be, so make sure you don’t prefer a softer cushion for your bum and back. Headrest and lumbar pillows are provided to boost your comfort level.

Also, the seat height as well as the soft armrests can be adjusted. This pair works hard to protect your shoulders and wrists. At the base, the 2 PU caster wheels help reduce noise when you are moving around with your chair. This model caters to up to 180-pound and/or 6’1” tall users.

Its price can fit the budget needs of individuals who can pay the cash upfront or afford it through credit. Make sure to keep your receipt to avail of the lifetime warranty on frame and 2-year warranty on parts.

DXRacer Racing Series Conventional Gaming Chair OH/RE0 is Suitable For:

Users who fit these specifications can rely on the OH/RE0: weight of 180 pounds and below and height of up to 6’1”. If you want to invest in a chair that can last long, do not disregard the cost and value of this option.

No products found.


  • Its features provide comfort to users.
  • It has a high backrest to relieve pressure off the neck and spine.
  • It can recline to accommodate gaming breaks.
  • It can cater to those who are slightly thicker and taller.


  • It is most affordable to those who have access to credit or more cash.
  • It can be too firm for some users.

5. DXRacer Formula Series Conventional Mesh and PU Leather OH/FH11

Best Budget

Aside from its attractive price point, this model is known for its Straight Back function. This feature encourages you to practice correct posture. Poor posture may be one of the topmost issues of the gaming community, from pros to beginners alike. This solution lets you focus on your games while it does not let you slouch or strain your back.

Jazzing up the design is the adjustable seat height. You can raise or lower the seat according to your momentary needs. The armrests can also be adjusted so that you can align them with your upper body parts, such as your elbows and arms.

A comfortable lumbar pillow is included to change the way we thought about chairs. Comfort during extended sitting is a goal for pros and enthusiasts. One way to boast of it is by joining professional player streams. Showcase it online. But remember that the true test of time will show off the chair’s durability on its own. And that is what DXRacer aims for with this choice.

This one costs a little under $300.

DXRacer Formula Series Conventional Mesh and PU Leather OH/FH11 is Suitable For:

This product is preferred for its price, durability, and design. It has enough adjustable features to accommodate various types of average-sized users.

No products found.


  • It has a Straight Back function to encourage good posture.
  • It is durable and supportive.
  • It has various adjustable features.
  • It is preferred by pros and enthusiasts alike.
  • It is one of the lowest-priced products from DXRacer.


  • It can be too firm for some people.
  • It may not cater to very tall or heavy users.

6. DXRacer Racing Series OH/RV131

Best Budget Runner-Up

This model from the racing collection is inspired by the formula collection. Yet, it distinguishes itself by its higher and broader backrest. It can fit those who are on the heavier side, with its maximum capacity of 225 pounds. It is ideal for individuals who are 5’8″ to 6’2″ tall as well. Instead of mesh, it sports vinyl alongside PU leather to cover the cushioning.

The 135-degree reclining angle is available here. You can rest on it while you play, sinking into the high-density mold-shaping padding that feels comfortable to touch. The headrest and lumbar cushion can enhance that experience.

For your arms, the 4D armrests can be raised up to 90 degrees. You can also adjust the height through the Class 4 gas lift. This is what DXRacer calls a multi-functional mechanism, satisfying your customization needs.

At the base, the PU caster wheels come in wide at three inches, ensuring better mobility. All of these can be yours at $369. This cost is common among the more heavy-duty options from the brand. Your purchase will be backed by a 2-year warranty for the accessories and a lifetime warranty for the frame.

DXRacer Racing Series OH/RV131 is Suitable For:

This chair caters to heavyweight and tall individuals. It also uses a multi-functional mechanism to allow you to customize the settings to your preferences.

No products found.


  • It has a higher and broader backrest.
  • It supports heavier and taller users.
  • It has multiple customization features.
  • It sports 4D armrests.
  • Its price is reasonable within its category.


  • The seat may be too firm for some people.

Are DXRacer Chairs Worth It?

With their premium price, the one model worth your money is the chair that matches your priorities and preferences. But in general, these options are not just high-quality but also ergonomically appealing. 

I further found that the DXRacer chairs are also durable. So if you’re wondering whether or not to invest in a model, then the models on the list above should silence your doubts.

How Do I Choose a DXRacer Chair?

DXRacer employs a naming convention that uses the model number. With this system, it may be hard to choose the right one, let alone differentiate them from each other. Let’s break down the model number, shall we?

Model Number: OH/FD01/N

  • OH: Category
  • F: Series
  • D: Parts
  • 01: Chair Cover
  • N: Color

Further, you can start your search at the series level. For gaming chairs, DXRacer has the following collections. You already know the first two:

  • Formula & Racing (Conventional Tilt Mechanism): 200 pounds and less & 5’9” and below
  • Racing (Multi-Functional Mechanism): 250 pounds and less & 6’1” and below

Here are three others:

  • King Series: 300 pounds and less & 6’5” and below
  • Sentinel Series: 350 pounds and less & 6’5” and below
  • Tank Series: 450 pounds and less & 6’7” and below

Is DXRacer the Best Gaming Chair?

Depending on your gaming chair requirements, the DXRacer could be the best gaming chair brand. You may want to expand your search if its models do not suit you. But with multiple offerings and reputable quality, this brand can cater to a wide range of needs.


The popularity of DXRacer has risen from the professional and amateur gaming space. For those who want to take their gaming to the next level, the Formula Series Conventional Gaming Chair Mesh OH/FD01 may be the best chair model to get to know.

It is supportable, durable, and sturdy. It can cater to the majority of individuals in terms of height and weight. Its price point is also attractive. With this option, you can enjoy the premium gaming chair experience for a long time.

Lastly, what I like about DXRacer is its well-thought-out series. These collections differ in the individuals they cater to, allowing the models to solve particular issues among the customer groups. If you think the OH/FD01 does not suit you, there are several other choices to consider.

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