How to Make Chairs Taller

When building a home office, sometimes we may find ourselves in a situation where our chair doesn’t match the size of our desk. In those situations, it would be nice to know that it’s possible to increase the chair’s height instead of buying a new one. Of course, making chairs taller will not work with every chair, but it can be done in many cases.

In this article, we are going to share a few ways in which you can make a chair taller. Then, we’ll guide you through the process step-by-step and ensure you have a chair that fits your desk perfectly.

How to Make a Chair Taller

There are many ways to make a chair taller. Fortunately, they’re all quite simple and require minimal effort and materials — from buying actual chair raisers or installing casters and extenders to reupholstering the chair.

Chair Raisers

As the name suggests, chair raisers are designed to elevate the height of your chair by putting them at the bottom of your chair’s legs. They can come in different lengths, but there are two main types to pick from single raisers and interconnected raisers.

Single raisers are fitted onto each chair’s leg individually to add height, while the interconnected ones are attached to a frame that then gets attached to the chair’s legs giving it more stability and height.

The type of chair raiser that will work best for you depends on what you want to achieve. For example, if you’re aiming at style, the interconnected one may not be the most attractive choice because of its bulkiness. Instead, these raisers are more suitable if you want to add stability and security to the chair. On the other hand, single raisers have a more minimalistic look and are less visible.

Another vital thing to consider is size. Chair raisers may come in different sizes, so pick the size that matches your chair’s legs. Then, attach them firmly and sit to test how stable they feel. Finally, you can paint them to match the chair color and make them less visible.

Here are a few recommendations for high-quality chair raises.

Chair Raisers Recommendations

  • Gorilla Raisers CB251B are screw-on raisers for various furniture types, including chairs. A huge plus is that they come with floor protectors, so they’re safe for wooden floors too.
  • Kaboost interconnected raisers are visible because of their shape, but stability and durability are guaranteed.
  • Mayzolop single chair raisers have a considerable advantage compared to other models as they are adjustable to different chair leg diameters. On top of that, they are exceptionally stylish, especially if you manage to match their color to your chair color.

Plastic Pads

Like chair raisers, plastic pads are usually glued to the chair’s legs to elevate it. They’re made of gel, and their main advantage compared to standard raisers is that they come in various shapes, sizes, and colors, so you can more easily match them to your existing furniture.

In addition, plastic pads make the chair very quiet, given that they’re made of gel and protect the floors from damage.

Caster Replacement/Installation

If your office chair doesn’t have casters, you can increase its height by adding them. This way, you’ll fill two needs with one deed — you’ll get a higher chair and one that rolls. To find out how to do that, check out our article on how to put wheels on a chair.

On the other hand, if your chair already has casters, but its height is bothering you, you need a different solution.

In this case, you can try replacing the existing casters with a more extensive set. For example, moving from 2- or 3-inch casters to 4-inch can significantly change the experience of your chair’s height. Here are some recommendations for large casters that you can get for your chair.

Seat Cushion

You may think this is silly at first, but if you think about it, a good seat cushion can add a  few inches to the height of your office chair. Not only will the seat cushion enhance your chair height, but it will also increase your comfort and health. Ergonomic seat cushions are much more comfortable to sit in and promote good posture, which is healthier for your lower back.

How much your seat cushion will elevate your chair depends on the density and thickness of the seat. Memory foam is the best material for seat cushions and can add up to 3 inches in height.

Leg Extenders

Another way to add height to your (casterless!) chair is to use leg extenders. More elegant than chair raisers but less friendly for the wallet, they come in various shapes, colors, sizes, and materials. You can purchase wood, plastic, metal, or even marble chair leg extenders.

A huge plus to leg extenders is that they are easily screwed to the bottom of the chair’s legs using a simple clockwise motion — if the chair’s legs have appropriate holes. Check that by flipping the chair upside-down. If the holes are there, you just need to keep screwing until the extenders are locked in place. If not, you can drill them.


Chair seats that have been in use for a long time tend to soften and become soggy. This reduces the chair height to some extent and makes it less comfortable. To revive your chair and give back its original height, you can reupholster the seat — by yourself or by hiring a professional.

When reupholstering your chair, you can pick a new cushion and choose the thickness that will give the chair your desired height and comfort.

For those of you who decide to reupholster the chair all by yourself, here’s a step-by-step guide that will help you do a good job:

  1. Remove the pins from the bottom of the chair and completely detach the seating. Get rid of the old stuffing/foam.
  2. If the webbing straps are torn, replace them with a new pair. On the other hand, if they are just sagging — tighten them up.
  3. Put additional foam to the webbing to make your seat higher. The thicker the new foam/cushion, the higher the chair.
  4. Secure the foam layer with staples. Use as many as necessary to keep the whole thing in place.
  5. Put the new upholstery on top and secure it with the safety pins. Make sure that the upholstery is tightly in place.
  6. Repeat the same procedure for all the chairs that you want to elevate. Use the same thickness of foam/cushion for each chair to make them the same height.

Upholstery Recommendations

  • Black cambric dust cover fabric for upholstering different types of chairs;
  • Monochrome abstract pattern chair upholstering fabric with waterproof properties;
  • TinaKim soft fabric for chairs and sofas upholstered in various covers;
  • PU leather made of soft synthetic material with 0.9 mm of thickness;
  • Safety pins with opening and closing mechanisms;
  • Upholstery tacks with clear heads.

However, if manual work is not your strong side, perhaps seeking professional help is smarter.

Long Cylinders Replacement

A long cylinder replacement is probably the most complicated and expensive chair height extension method suggested in this guide.

That being said, it’s also the best method to add height to office chairs. It’s an ideal solution if you’re ready to make a rather serious and long-term investment in your office chairs. With long cylinder replacement, you’ll significantly improve your chair’s height-adjusting abilities.

Chair cylinders come in two forms: hydraulic and pneumatic.

Hydraulic ones operate using a liquid, while pneumatic ones utilize nitrogen. They work in the same way and provide the same result. However, the content and structure of the cylinders are different.

We do not recommend that you DIY this procedure, as we believe it would be much better if you took it to a professional. Nevertheless, if you really want to do it yourself, here are a few steps to get you started:

  1. Lift the chair to its current maximum height and turn it upside down or sideways.
  2. Place it on top of the table.
  3. Detach the existing cylinder from the chair base.
  4. Hit the end of the cylinder with a rubber hammer to separate it from the base.
  5. Also, separate the cylinder and the tilting mechanism using a pipe wrench and fasten it to the cylinder’s metal part.
  6. Then twist it clockwise to loosen up the cylinder from the tilting mechanism.
  7. Put the new cylinder in the mechanism and chair base.
  8. Put the chair back in its place and test it.

Drafting Stool Kit

The drafting stool kit is a unique toolset for making old chairs taller to the extent that they could be suitable for a standing desk.

Office chair seats are usually between 15 and 20 inches high, but a drafted chair can reach up to 30 inches in height! The drafting stool kit for height extension can give you another 10 inches or more, which is impressive.

However, a pitfall of drafting stool kits is that they usually work only with specific branded chairs. This means you can’t purchase a generic piece and put it on any chair.


Having a chair that’s too short is frustrating, uncomfortable, and unhealthy for the upper back, lower back, neck, and even arm muscles and tendons.

Luckily, there are many DIY, low-effort ways to improve and extend your office chair’s height, including chair raisers, leg extenders, and seat cushions. You can also try more complex methods, such as replacing cylinders or utilizing a drafting stool kit. But, for these methods, it could be best to take the chairs to a professional.

A chair of appropriate height and comfort is especially important if you spend long hours sitting.

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