Office Chairs You Can Sit Cross-Legged In

Cross-legged sitting is a common thing in so many cultures. This sitting style has been a part of our lives since the dawn of time. Some call it “Indian,” others “Turkish” style of sitting. It is also known as Yangban and Sukhasana sitting style.

Those who practice yoga probably know that there are also yoga poses such as lotus and half-lotus poses when sitting in a cross-legged position is required.

Correctly performed, the cross-legged position can do miracles for blood circulation, opening up of the hip joints, posture improvement, and leg strengthening.

So, if you’re looking for a way to sit comfortably in a cross-legged position, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we will talk about office chairs that allow you to sit in a cross-legged position. Some are designed precisely for that, while others are regular office chairs that simply have enough room for you to sit with your legs crossed comfortably.

The Most Important Features of a Cross-Legged Sitting Chair

There are two critical features of an office chair that’ll allow you to sit comfortably in a cross-legged position, the armrests and the seat base.


Sitting cross-legged in a chair with armrests is quite uncomfortable. Since your knees will be pointing outwards, and armrests will simply be in the way.

When buying a chair for cross-legged sitting, you should ensure that it either has no armrests or very small ones that won’t touch your knees.

The Base

The chair’s seat’s base should be large, as you want your whole legs to fit in. The wider the seat base, the more space for your legs to be comfortably folded into a cross-legged position.

Smaller seats will leave your knees hanging off the chair, which is not very comfortable.

Best Chairs for People Who Sit Cross Legged

So what are the best office chairs you can sit cross-legged in? Here’s our selection.

LEAGOO Armrestless Office Chair

This chair is armless, padded, and ergonomically designed. If you like rustic furniture, you will love it, as it looks like you just got it from a vanity fair. Having no armrests and a large seat, this chair is ideal for long hours of cross-legged sitting without worrying about your posture.

ergoCentric Leg Rest

The ergoCentric leg rest allows enjoying a relaxed position with elevated leg support. The cushion made of memory foam has two curves which ensure dispersion of pressure on the sitting surface.

This seat is not intentionally created for cross-legged sitting, but it is a good solution for anyone who wants to find a good ergonomic seat with back support, feet rest, and definitely, space to cross their legs during long working hours.

In reality, this stool is more of a footrest, however, the wide cushion of more than 20 inches provides space beyond sufficient for resting your legs when in a cross-legged position.

The memory foam on this seat is comfortable, and you can rely on the sturdy footrest.

Alexia Meditation Seat

Alexia is the perfect companion when it comes to a mobile cross-legged seat because you can just take it anywhere with you and make sure that you’re covered with comfortable seating wherever you go.

Alexia doesn’t come with any legs, base, or other means of holding the seat, but that’s what makes it so versatile. You can place it on the floor or top of some other stool and enjoy. The best, however, in our opinion, is to put it on top of a stripped-down office chair.

The sitting cushion is a single piece, so there is no need to assemble anything; it’s quite lightweight, making it ideal for packing, carrying, and transporting. However, it is sturdy enough to hold your body weight without any trouble.

The seat has cushions all around to support your knees, hips, feet, and lower back. The hips are elevated a little bit and get a nice forward angle that forces you to sit straight up. Also, the chair is carefully designed to let you fold your legs beneath the seat without pressuring them with your body.

Finally, you can order this seat in a variety of colors and materials to optimally match your car, office chair, or other furniture that you have around.

Rivet Farr Lotus Chair

Perhaps not an ideal option for an office chair, as you’d need to solve the problem of its height, Amazon Brand – Rivet Farr Lotus Accent Chair -... is a pretty amazing and comfortable option for cross-legged sitting.

The chair’s name already says it all – it’s a lotus chair designed to promote this sitting style.

The design of the chair is quite retro and rustic, the seat is made of engineered wood, and you can pick between three colors – aqua blue, autumn leaves yellow, and felt gray. 

The chair is considered to have very high durability, especially thanks to its base made of stainless steel.

Thanks to the slightly tilted backrest and an extra sitting cushion, your hips will be slightly pushed to the front for added comfort.

HAG Capisco

HAG Capisco adjustable chair is the perfect option for those looking for a multi-purpose chair that fits a regular office desk and a standing desk.

This chair is not originally designed for cross-legged sitting, but it is very convenient given that it has a large, ergonomic seat and no armrests.

The chair is fully adjustable to any height, and you can also change the depth of the seat, the height of the backrest, and the tilt, so you can set it up however it suits you. You can also expect very high resilience since the chair’s weight capacity is 250 pounds.

The chair also comes with a 10.4-inch lift, and at the base, there are breaking casters that are good for any floor type.

If you worry about the environment, you can count on this chair being made of 50% recycled material and 90% recyclable.

The chair comes in a variety of colors, making it easy to combine with any type of office furniture. Furthermore, the feet support ring above the star base allows you to sit in the lotus pose with both of your legs fully up, half lotus, and many other variations that involve your favorite sitting pose.

Christopher Knight Chair

Suppose you prefer contemporary design and a rather high-end furniture. In that case, you are going to love this Christopher Knight Home Bagnold Desk Chair, Slate +... chair with very small armrests, ideal for all kinds of sitting activities:

  • Working at the desk.
  • Sitting with your legs crossed.
  • Reading a book.
  • Comfortably relaxing.
  • Watching a movie with legs down or up and crossed, as you please.

The chair design features very nice curves on the chair, smooth and soft upholstery, and a fine, minimalistic structure. The backrest looks very sophisticated thanks to the diamond stitching that doesn’t negatively affect the backrest’s comfort.

The base of the chair is star-shaped and made of metal, with a set of rolling casters that provide durability and resistance to the chair.

The sitting base is quite large, and you will be pleased to find out how much room there is for different cross-legged poses.

Bonus: Kneeling Chair

While not precisely leg crossing, kneeling chairs do require some leg bending, and thanks to their ergonomic design, kneeling chairs keep your back straight while sitting. The cushions on the knee holders will prevent your knees from crushing.

You can also use the knee holder to fold your legs in a cross position while still keeping your back straight, thanks to the seat’s forward tilt.

Kneeling chairs come in various shapes, colors, and prices today since they’ve massively grown in popularity thanks to their simplistic ergonomic features.

Final Word

Cross-legged sitting has many benefits and advantages compared to traditional sitting, although it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, understandably. If you are among those who gladly enjoy the comfort of this position, we strongly recommend getting a proper chair to allow you to reap the benefits of this pose.

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