How Often Should You Stand Up From Your Desk

It’s been a while since the harmful effects of prolonged sitting have become a burning topic, especially among professionals whose jobs require spending long hours in front of a computer.

More than eight hours of sitting per day can result in health problems with blood pressure, blood sugar levels, cholesterol, posture, back pain, etc.

Along with the recommendation to have at least an hour of physical activity per day, ergonomics and healthy office design experts have come up with a solution that has gained huge popularity over the past few years: the standing desk.

Standing desks that range from improvised ones assembled from existing furniture pieces to convertible adapters that make it simple to shift from sitting to standing and vice versa open so many opportunities to have more movement during a workday.

However, there are some guidelines on how often you should stand up from your desk, move around, or just interchange between sitting and standing.

How Often Should I Get Up from My Desk

Although standing desks have become very popular, there’s not much information on the best way to use them, how often we should stand up from our desks, and for how long.

Medical professionals and ergonomics experts agree that alternating between standing and sitting is the best way.

The ratio between standing and sitting should be either 3:1 or 2:1 (in favor of sitting) because standing too long is also not desirable.

One recommendation is to stand up and move around every 15 minutes, but that’s not doable for many people. It is just too disruptive.

Another recommendation is to stand 30 minutes every hour. This is where the standing desk comes in. There’s no need to stop doing what you’re doing, and you can move your desk up and proceed working while standing.

It is desirable to stand around half an hour, but not more than 45 minutes, for every hour of sitting.

If you don’t want to or can’t use a standing desk, you can still practice regular standing up from your desk. Simply take regular breaks to stand up and move around, stretch, or maybe even lightly exercise for a few minutes every hour.


Sitting long hours harms your health, but so is standing for too long. The optimal ratio between sitting and standing is 3:1 or 2:1 in favor of sitting.

Getting the balance right can result in better health, reduced back and leg pain, and improved productivity.

If you decide to go with a standing desk, make sure to research the topic properly and get the sizing right. Happy standing!

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