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There is an abundance of office chairs available in the market. Some are meant for adding a piece of sleek-looking furniture to enhance the aesthetic of your office, while a few others are designed for optimal comfort and keeping the ergonomics in mind. X Chair considers both.

The chairs are stunning in terms of their design and overall features. Still, this office chair is also designed to keep all the ergonomics into account, ensuring a high-rise comfortable backrest and lumbar support for the users who spend most of their time in front of a computer screen.

Here, I will be walking you through a comprehensive review of their latest rendition, the X4 Office Desk Chair, for the users who are considering buying it.

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X Chair – About the Company

X Chair X4 Office Chair – Review

  1. Design
  2. Material
  3. Foam Seat
  4. Scifloat Infinite Recline
  5. Dynamic Variable Lumbar Support
  6. Adjustable Functions
  7. Customer Service

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X Chair – About the Company

If you are looking for ways to spice up your work setup, X Chair is a brand that will be the perfect addition to your office floor. The company is an OG office furniture company from New York that is dedicated to creating 21st-century products for today’s users.

While the office chairs from X Chair have a set of unique features and designs, one thing that makes them stand out of the lot is the Dynamic Variable Lumbar support, which is only available in their chairs.

The brand currently has 8 different office chairs with different seat depth, seat width, and design. I will be talking about the X4 Variant in this article, especially because that is one of the bestselling chairs from this brand.

X Chair X4 Office Chair – Review

X Chair Office Desk Chair (X4 Black Brisa with Headrest) Ergonomic Lumbar Support Task Chair Breathable Mesh, Adjustable Arms, Executive, Drafting, Gaming Computer Home or Office Chair

While the X4 is not the first office chair from this brand, it has stuck with the user base and the audience as one of the best. The primary reason behind the same is because of how amazing the quality of the chair is. Every part is made with precision and provides up to 10 adjustable ergonomic settings for optimal comfort.

This office chair is an option that fits your comfort like a glove. If you are considering buying it, look through the comprehensive review I have whipped up for you below:


As mentioned before, X Chair stands out with its design and overall quality. So, if you are planning on investing in an office chair will a well-made design, this is hands down the best task chair out there.

The chair has an all-black design with a high-rise backrest, a separate neck, and headrest, along with a curved section around the backrest for a comfortable sitting experience. Every part of the chair is designed with precision and keeping the users’ comfort in mind; hence every part is smoothed out and doesn’t contain unnecessary jabbing or protruding parts.


This leather executive chair is upholstered with premium quality leather for optimal wear resistance and long-lasting durability. The best part of this chair is the fact that it’s available in 8 different colors for you to choose from. This enables you to pick the option that best suits your interest.

Aside from the standard leather upholstery, X Chair also offers a unique type of material called Brisa that the users can choose instead of the premium leather quality. Brisa is composed of gel polymers with a very soft and comfortable experience while you are sitting on it.

For the users who incline flex mesh chairs because of their breathability factor, you wouldn’t have to worry about the same with this one, especially because the backrest does have a mesh lining in the back of the leather upholstery for a breathable and comfortable sitting experience.

However, much like any other leather material, it will seem stiff and tough on your body, especially around the back, for up to a week after the purchase. Once it wears out and becomes a little less rigid, the leather seamlessly conforms to the contours of your body.

Foam Seat

When it comes to any office chair, the one thing that everyone is particular about is the seat’s comfort. From the seat width to the seat depth, the user needs to check on multiple factors.

The X4 is designed with a molded foam seat for optimal comfort of the user and provides optimal lumbar support and support to the buttocks while sitting on it for extended periods. The high resilience foam supports your frame instead of making your body feel tired after a hard day at work.

The one factor that everyone has complained about is the lack of optimal comfort that they would need from an office chair. However, if your primary aim with an office chair is to get support, you wouldn’t regret making this purchase. The width of the seat is around 20.5″, which should perfectly fit every user’s stature.

Scifloat Infinite Recline

Coming down to another crucial factor of this chair, we have the unique recline function. This function especially allows the users to recline their chairs freely and according to their movements for optimal comfort.

The reason behind this free reclination function was to boost the user’s productivity at work and improve their stature and energy throughout the day. If you are tired of sitting in an uncomfortable chair for 8-10 hours, you wouldn’t have to regret the same with this one.

Dynamic Variable Lumbar Support

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article, the variable lumbar dvl support is the unique feature in this chair. It is an innovative function exclusive to just the X Chairs, so you wouldn’t likely find it in any of the other office chairs that you come across in the market.

This unique function enables the users to automatically adjust their lumbar support in the chair with the movement of their body instead of changing them manually. The spring system in the back of the chair helps adjust and manage that function for the users.

Adjustable Functions

While I could very well talk about the adjustable features of this chair individually, there is no point elaborating each function in separate subheadings. So, if you are searching for a leather executive chair with optimal adjustable functions, this is it.

It is designed with an adjustable backrest and is a game-changing feature for the comfort of the users. The only downside to this is that it doesn’t accommodate very tall users, which means that if you are above 6’3″, you’d have a hard time managing things.

Aside from the adjustable backrest, the chair is also integrated with an adjustable seat height and seat depth to mold the office chair according to your comfort. The seat height in this chair is adjustable from 18.5’’ to 23’’. On the other hand, the seat depth is adjustable up to 22.5’’ to 25’’, ensuring optimal support for your lower back when you are seated.

The office chair is also programmed and designed with an adjustable headrest and armrest that you should expect in any of the high-end chairs in this available price range. The headrest in the chair is adjustable both in terms of height and angle.

The armrests are 4D adjustable, which means that you can seamlessly adjust them in four different directions. However, they don’t lock in place, which means that you will have to compromise on the sturdiness of the chair.

Customer Service

Another factor worth considering when it comes to this office chair is customer service. X Chair is one of the best office chair brands in the market, especially when discussing customer care and support.

Every person behind their telecommunication support is well trained to tackle any kind of query thrown at them. If you are consistently worried about the quality of your chair and the functionalities, a simple connection with their customer support can help resolve the queries in no time at all.

X-Chair X4 High End Executive Chair, Black Brisa with...
  • DYNAMIC LOWER BACK SUPPORT: X-Chair’s patented Dynamic Variable Lumbar (DVL) Support adjusts itself to your lower back every time you...
  • HIGHLY RESPONSIVE BRISA FABRIC: The comfortable, cruelty free Brisa fabric is a man made gel polymer material that provides responsive...
  • FLOATING RECLINE: Our one of a kind SciFloat Infinite Recline technology lets you lean back and up effortlessly to find the perfect position...

Aside from the standard X4 Model, two other options stand out regarding their designs and functions. The two other models include X2 and X3 models.

X3 Office Chair

The X3 office chair is a predecessor to the X4 office chair, offering optimal comfort to the users. Although the model is a previous installment, it lacks any of the premium features that you would need for optimal comfort.

All the adjustability options you can find in the X4 office chair are available in the X3 variant. From the comfortable recline function to the 4D adjustable armrests, the chair more or less takes care of all the features that you need to keep a check on for optimal comfort.

X2 Office Chair

The X2 is a previous version of the X3 office chair. While a few of their features and functions match, they differ in terms of the mesh material used in their construction.

The mesh used in the X2 Office Chair is termed the K-Sport material, which is not just comfortable but offers optimal health benefits and comfort for the users who want a breathable and comfortable backrest. Also, the lack of extra cushioning in the chair ensures optimal air circulation and comfort for the users.


X Chair is a brand that stands out in multiple prospects. From optimal comfort to the latest technology and memory foam seating, this is a one-of-a-kind office chair. Although it comes with its fair share of drawbacks, the overall functionalities in this task chair make this a worthy investment, especially if you are someone who doesn’t like to compromise on the comfort, design, and settings.

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