Inada Dreamwave Review 2021

Everybody dreams of owning nothing but the absolute best, don’t they? And, if you are planning on owning what’s suggested as the best massage chairs in the world, the Inada Dreamwave is one of the options you are going to love. Hailing from Japan’s intricate craftsmanship, this massage chair has cemented its position in the best massage chair report, thanks to its commitment towards excellence.

While owning an Inada Dreamwave massage chair can be an unforgettable experience, keep in mind that the chair comes for a price. It is one of the most expensive massage chairs and for all the right reasons.

So, since buying this chair will leave a substantial dent in your bank account, I’d suggest you read through this comprehensive Inada Dreamwave Review before deciding whether it’s worth purchasing or not.

Table of Contents

Design and Overview

Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair – Features

  1. S-Track Design
  2. Zero-gravity Seating
  3. 3D Body Scan
  4. 3D Massage Roller Technology
  5. Multiple Massage Options
  6. Air Massage Mode
  7. Neck and Shoulder Massage
  8. Back and Seat Heat Technology
  9. Foot Massage
  10. Flexibility and Body Stretch
  11. Highly-functional Handheld Remote
  12. Leather-like Upholstery
  13. Easy to Understand User Manual

What are the Missing Features in the Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair?

What are the Pros and Cons of the Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair?


Design and Overview

Inada DREAMWAVE Made in Japan Upgraded 3D Patented Shiatsu Point Detection Full Body Massage Chair

While we will discuss the Inada Dreamwave massage chair, know for a fact that the chair was coined as Sogno Dreamwave before its name was changed. The original design and features were reworked and redesigned in 2015 to bring the users what we call the Inada Dreamwave today.

The previous and current versions of the Inada Sogno massage chairs have many similarities, but they have a lot of differences. The Inada Sogno Dreamwave chair, or the first installation, was built using the First Generation Airbag technology and limited massage duration, which were improved and worked on in the next installment.

The Inada Dreamwave massage chair is available in three different color variants – Black, Beige, and Brown that you can choose from. The chair’s overall design is pretty bulky and extensive, so you do need to sort out a separate space for this chair before you even consider purchasing it.

Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair – Features

With the basic rundown of the design and overview out of the way, we focus on the main part of the review, which is the features. Unlike several of the other massage chairs available in the market, this one excels with its abundance of available features, especially ones that contribute to the comfort and the ergonomics of the chair.

To better understand the readers, I have sorted down all the features into individual sections for an in-depth Sogno Dreamwave massage chair review.

S-Track Design

Although the chair stands out with its range of exemplary features, the one thing it has managed to hold its ground on is the standard S-track design. The structure further accommodates the quad rollers on the sides that better conform to your body’s curve, especially your spine and back.

Zero-gravity Seating

One of the must mention in the Inada Dreamwave review concerning its structure had to be the zero-gravity seating experience. This indicates why this massage chair is touted as a top-tier option, providing the users with complete reign and control over every aspect of the massage settings and experience.

Although it strikes through the bar with its zero-gravity massage and seating experience, the single seating position is a mystery that everyone is inquisitive about. Unlike some of the other popular massage chairs that offer two and sometimes three seating positions, this one is stuck at only one.

The Zero-G seating position enables the users to recline their massage chair in a position that puts their knees slightly above their heart, enabling them to experience a more satisfying massage experience. It was a feature inspired by the concepts of NASA.

3D Body Scan

Another feature of the Inada Dreamwave massage chair that is worth mentioning is the 3D Body Scan. This function scans through the user’s body structure to detect the isolated pressure points and then adjust the chair’s settings to target those specific pressure points for optimal comfort during the massage.

However, the chair also comes with manually adjustable functions that you can change according to your needs and comfort using the remote that comes with the massage chair.

3D Massage Roller Technology

Aside from the 3D Body Scan function, the massage chair is also integrated with 3D rollers that move in three different directions for a comfortable massage experience. The rollers’ inward movement lets you decide how deep you want the rollers to get into your muscles to get rid of the strain and stiffness.

The rollers are integrated with the patented Inada technology that enables them to move in a figure-eight pattern, mimicking the comfort you get from the shiatsu massage. These rollers’ movement generally starts from the base of the neck and moves down the back for a gentle massage experience. Also, the 3D intensity of the massage rollers can be adjusted, which means that you can adjust the intensity according to your needs.

Multiple Massage Options

The number of massage techniques supported in the Inada Sogno Dreamwave is mind-boggling. This means that you never once have to settle for just one or restricted options often found in the other massage chairs.

The Inada massage chair comes with sixteen pre-programmed massage options that cater to the needs of every user. There are special massage programs specifically designed and programmed for “Deep Relaxation,” perfect for after a rough day at work.

Although the multiple massage functions can seem complicated to understand and operate, it technically isn’t. The massage chair comes with a remote control that enables you to adjust the settings and programs according to your body’s needs.

Air Massage Mode

One of the unique and one-of-a-kind functions that you get with the Sogno Dreamwave massage chair is the air massage mode. The chair is integrated with 101 Second Generation airbags that enable you to experience a world-class air massage experience like nothing in the market.

Pair the air massage experience with the customizable roller-based massages, and you have the experience of your dreams. The chair’s air pressure is customizable, meaning that you can adjust them in different parts according to your needs and comfort. You can either activate the air massage in a specific portion of the body, like the shoulders, or you can activate the same across the entire body for better comfort.

Neck and Shoulder Massage

With most massage chairs, one of the most neglected portions of the body is the neck and shoulders. The Inada Dreamwave comes with the patented neck and shoulder massager with the horseshoe-shaped massager wraps that press down on the shoulders and the neck region for optimal comfort.

Each of the massagers comes with individual airbags that treat and massage the shoulders comfortably. The air cells in the provide with trigger point massage relieve the stiffness around the neck and shoulder muscles that many often struggle with.

One unique function is the neck and shoulder traction, wherein the neck is slightly pulled away from the head, stretching the muscles and ligaments, enabling the muscles to relax after a tedious day at work.

Back and Seat Heat Technology

The heat function in the Inada Sogno Dreamwave massage chair is one of a kind and provides the users with maximum comfort like nothing you’d ever expect. The heat functions in the massage chair are adjustable and come with full control in your hands.

Aside from the heat functions, the backrest vibrating function is another factor that stands out in this chair. Activating this helps foster better blood circulation, relieving unnecessary pain and discomfort that users often complain about.

Foot Massage

When I say that the Inada Sogno Dreamwave massage chair tends to every part of your body, I mean it. Not just the back and neck, the massage functions tend to the foot as well. There are individual rubber plates around the chair’s ottoman region that comes with acupressure points to directly penetrate the foot’s back.

The air cells surrounding the foot region inflate and offer a comfortable massage experience to relieve the pain and stiffness that comes after a long day of hard work. The only downside is the lack of mechanical foot rollers in the chair.

Flexibility and Body Stretch

The body stretch function in the Inada Dreamwave massage chair offers therapeutic relief like nothing in the market. This is backed with the pre-programmed massage function that you can select for your chronic pain and discomfort.

The combination of the airbags in the massage chair holds your body in place and stretches your body, and enables automatic reclining for optimal comfort for your back. The body stretch function also relieves the spine’s pressure, providing you with better comfort and flexibility.

Highly-functional Handheld Remote

As mentioned before, aside from all the massage functions, the remote control enables you to manage all the functions according to your comfort without complicating the user experience.

The remote is well-designed and is integrated with all the needed options laid out in a logical manner that allows you to operate the massage chair’s functions according to your comfort. It is a completely manual remote without jazzy display screens and confusing functions.

The manual section on the remote allows you to choose from the various pre-programmed massage techniques using the labeled buttons for a comfortable massage experience. However, the remote’s simple functions and design have been under a lot of scrutinies, especially among the users who rely on high-end technology.

Leather-like Upholstery

While we have emphasized all the important massage functions in this massage chair review, we must discuss the design, aesthetics, and upholstery. The leather-like upholstery in the Inada Dreamwave is made of polyurethane. The material is not just wear-resistant; it doesn’t let stain stick onto it as well.

Just like genuine leather, even the polyurethane upholstery in this is comfortable and breathable for you to have a massage experience like no other. However, if you are into full-leather upholstery, the chair offers a TruBlack option made completely out of leather.

Easy to Understand User Manual

For someone like me who didn’t have many ideas about massage chairs and their operations, I knew that I would struggle in the beginning. The same goes for the other users around and have very little knowledge about the Inada Sogno Dreamwave massage chair.

The best thing about this massage chair is that it comes with a detailed and well-scripted user manual. Everything is written in simple language and concise to ensure that everyone understands the functions easily without any confusion.

What are the Missing Features in the Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair?

While there is no doubt that the Inada Dreamwave combines all the best features and functions that you’d expect in a massage chair of this caliber, there are a few downsides to this product too. A few important features in this chair would have otherwise made this one of the best options around.

Mechanical Foot and Calf Rollers

Although I have mentioned this briefly before, it does require a separate mention separately. The lack of these functions might not be very functional for all the users, but if you are someone who tends to spend the majority of their time on their foot, we’d suggest that you emphasize these features.

Also, the calf roller function is pretty new, but for the kind of price that you pay for the Inada Sogno massage chair, it isn’t surprising that people expect that function to be available.

Zero Gravity Recline

While the massage chair comes with zero-gravity seating, it lacks the zero-G recline function, which is crucial for a comfortable massage experience. Having this feature enables the users to distribute their body weight and the backrest for a comfortable experience.

Doing so relieves the constant strain and pressure put on the neck and shoulders, relieving the discomfort and improving the overall blood circulation around the region. The limited recline function affects how people can relax and have a comfortable experience on the Inada massage chair.

Lack of Diverse Heating Areas

The Inada Dreamwave massage chair comes with the heat therapy function. However, it is constrained to a few portions on the back and shoulders. It offers heat therapy around the lower back and the seat and doesn’t have the same around the hand, neck, and other parts of the body as many users would likely need.

Lack of Built-in Speakers

This is again a hit or miss in the Inada Sogno Dreamwave. While some users are particular about having speakers, some users are neutral about the same. Having these kinds of speakers helps enhance the overall massage experience, making the user experience a lot more relaxing and pleasurable.

What are the Pros and Cons of the Inada Dreamwave Massage Chair?

Now that all the basic features and the lacking functions are mentioned in the Dreamwave Massage Chair Review, it is time we discuss the pros and cons of this massage chair. This is where I list out all the advantages and disadvantages of this massage chair.


  • Ensures uniform heat therapy and transmission around the lower back and the seat of the massage chair.
  • The massage chair comes with all the customizable massage functions for a comfortable experience.
  • It comes with an automatic body scanner that adjusts according to the needs of the body.
  • It comes with a range of pre-programmed massage functions for a comfortable massage experience.
  • The upholstery is comfortable, breathable, and long-lasting too.


  • The massage chair is pretty expensive, despite the range of amazing functions and features it comes with.
  • This chair’s maximum weight capacity is 250lbs, which is considerably a lot less than the other massage chairs in a similar price range.
  • The chair lacks mechanical foot and calf rollers and a few other massage functions that you’d expect in an option of this price range.

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Despite the high price point and the bulky design, the Inada Massage Chair’s demand is persistent ever since its launch. Not just for its comfort and convenience, this massage chair manages to secure all the massage needs that you likely need after a tiring day at work. Both the manual and automatic settings, along with the pre-programmed massage functions, make this one of the best massage chairs that you can get your hands on.

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