101 Employee Retention Strategies you can use in 2024

According to reports, eight out of ten employees are dissatisfied at their jobs and around seven out of ten people feel like they are not tech-savvy enough to handle the influx of technology. Moreover, reports on the Bureau of Labor Statistics suggest that 3 million Americans leave their job to find something better.

While it might not be difficult to find employees to fill a vacant position, it is likely that you won’t find an ideal candidate every single time. Retaining a team of loyal employees who are well-versed with the company’s vision is key to a company’s growth.

One of the best suggested ways of employee retention is to introduce wellness programs that benefit the employees physically, mentally and financially. Only then would you be able to gain the benefit of doubt with your employees. 

If you are an employer trying to look for some good and effective employee retention strategies, here is a list of wellness programs that you can introduce in your company.

Table of Contents

100+ Wellness Programs for Employee Retention

  1. Physical Well-being and Dietary Programs
  2. Mental Well-Being Programs
  3. Perks and Appreciation
  4. Group and Team Building Activities
  5. Challenges and Fun Tasks
  6. Productivity Enriching 
  7. Rejuvenation and Health Break Tasks
  8. Bonus Wellness Programs for better Employee Retention

Here’s a quick list of wellness programs that you can use to retain your employees

Our aim with our employee retention ideas is to harbour a healthy relationship between the employers and the employee. It should bind in a way that the employee is not just satisfied at their job but happy to wake up each morning and come work with a team of enthusiastic individuals and an ideal leader.

These wellness programs and ideas are all categorized on the basis of multiple factors including physical and mental health, team collaboration efforts, productivity enriching tasks, cool perks and a whole lot of personal growth and development.

Physical Well-being and Dietary Programs

Rarely will you come across companies that reward their employees for healthy eating and maintaining a fit physical routine. But, sometimes, you need to go that extra mile and make the changes happen.

Some of the most important programs under this header include:

1. Reward Your Employees for Healthy Eating

One of the most common issues with employees is their lack of healthy eating habits. Some of them have a very bad dependence on the local cafeteria, living off of junk food and stale coffee. While this is not something new, your employee’s poor health will eventually affect your company’s productivity. So, why not change that? Create a platform where your employees would be rewarded in points or raffle bonuses when they bring their own lunch or eat healthy food.

2. Reduce Medication Costs

In a world where everyone is so stressed with their life, having prescription medications for blood pressure, diabetes and thyroid anomaly is pretty common. And, these drugs are expensive, even when they are over the counter medication or they are under health insurance coverage. As a part of the wellness program, you can introduce special discounts to your employees by collaborating with several online drug discount companies that are available.

3. Appreciate Wellness Initiatives

Not many employers do this but your employees will start focusing more on their physical health and well-being when you start appreciating them more. If you see someone ride a bike to the office or take that extra 10 minute walk for a quick workout, reward them with some appreciation points that they can redeem later on.

4. Have a Chef Day at Work

Not every employee in your office knows how to cook. Maybe that’s the primary reason they are relying on the closest fast-food place to fill their appetite. One of the best and fun programs that you can do is invite a chef to work one day. This way, you can help some of your employees learn some easy and quick recipes that they can eat and even bring to work instead of eating unhealthy.

5. Weekend Virtual Yoga Session

Yoga and any other form of spiritual activity is a necessity to calm down our minds and racing nerves. If you are looking for ways to improve your employee’s health and wellness quotient, it is better that you host a virtual yoga session every weekend when your employees are at home and relaxing. It doesn’t have to be a long one and should be done by professionals, so you need to take care of that too.

6. Employee-specific Wellness Newsletter

Newsletters are an amazing way to communicate with your target audience, right? But, what about using the same technique to communicate some value to your employees? Hosting bi-monthly wellness newsletters just for the employees is an amazing way to help them keep up with their wellness goals and learn something new every time. If you aren’t sure how to curate one, you can always make a list of the best wellness-related articles and send those for them to read.

7. A Massage Maybe?

Well, this is all fun and games but we all know how uncomfortable office chairs are. And, sitting on them for 10 hours in a day sounds painful. As a token of appreciation, you as an employer, can go around and give your employees a quick shoulder massage (with their consent, of course). If that sounds too forward, install a massage chair in the corner of the office and allow everyone a 10-minutes break everyday to enjoy some relaxation time on it.

8. Install Standing Desks

The concept of standing desks is still a hit or miss among individuals. While some prefer it, some don’t. If you have employees that would otherwise appreciate having them around the office, install a few for their convenience. Standing desks are ergonomically designed and reduce the strain on the back and the shoulders too.

9. Keep a Loaded Pantry

One of the primary reasons why your employees are relying on the cafe downstairs and their stale coffee and unhealthy snacks is because there’s nothing else around. Instead of letting your employees keep up with their unhealthy eating, you can instead introduce a pantry in the office that your employees can eat from. It doesn’t have to include a lot. A coffee machine, a water dispenser and some healthy snacks is more than enough.

10. Offer a Sponsored Lunch

If you have a farmer’s market or a healthy food joint around your office building, as a employer, you can sponsor a mid-week or a weekend nearing lunch to not just encourage them to eat healthy but also for team-building and better communication among the teams. This way, you can help them eat organic and healthy and have a quick break from the monotonous work routine too.

11. Have a Brain Dump Station

Not many offices have this but when your employees are working in a crunch time and situation, it is likely for them to feel pressured and not be as productive as they’d want to be. In such times, having a brain dump station in the office can be a quick escape for them. You could have some books lying there or even some cool video games that they can play on for a few minutes to charge themselves up.

12. Be the Example You Want to Set

If you are encouraging your employees to be healthy and choose a healthier diet and healthier lifestyle, you need to set an example for that. Suggest them ways they can improve their well being. It doesn’t have to be a lot, to be fair. You can share your daily routine and activities and how it has changed or impacted your life for the better. Sometimes, it is the little things that make huge differences in our lives.

13. Install Ergonomic Furniture

Not many employers want to do this, especially because it costs more money. But, installing ergonomic office furniture is key to heightened productivity. Not only does it help your employees feel comfortable throughout the day, it also reduces the risks of chronic conditions from creeping into their bodies, especially with how many hours they spend sitting around.

14. Incentivize Quitting a Bad Habit

Be it smoking or excessive alcohol consumption, nobody wants their employee to reel themselves to the pits of hell because of a bad habit. So, instead of just advising them to quit the habit, you can motivate them by incentivizing the process. You can tell them that they would get a certain extra amount credited to their account if they successfully quit the bad habit within a certain amount of time.

Mental Well-Being Programs

Next up on the list of the wellness programs for employee retention are the ones that prioritize the employee’s mental health.

15. Share a Topic During Team Lunches

While offering a sponsored team lunch is a good way to communicate with your team members and have fun, it is not always enough. So, why not spice things up a bit? During hosting the lunch, ask your employees to share a struggle that they have endured in their life that has made them come out stronger in the end. It doesn’t have to be something monumental. It can be as trivial as eating something that one was previously afraid of. Sharing such stories help people know that they are not the only ones in the room struggling in their life.

16. Be Proactive About Financing

You must be confused as to why a topic about finances is under the mental health category, right? Well, one of the primary factors that influence the employee’s mental health is unmatched financial goals. Even when an employee has enough money, they don’t know how to utilize it properly, resulting in a constant cycle of stress. Teaching them the basics of finances and helping guide them in the right direction is key to keeping their mental well-being in check.

17. Host Gratefulness Meetings Weekly

Employees spend over 10 hours of their days sitting and slagging off for the growth and development of the company they are working in. As a token of appreciation, you can always host a meeting every Friday acknowledging the hard work and be grateful for their presence in the company. Doing this makes the employees feel welcome and appreciated in their workspace, thereby reducing the constant stress concerning job insecurity.

18. Install a Community Library

When your employees are constantly working on a project, having a fictional distraction is much-needed, especially when they are trying to churn their wheel of creativity. Having a community library in the office is an amazing way to help your employees catch a break every now and then and maybe read a page or two from a book in the library. It refreshes their minds and helps them work with a fresh perspective.

19. Install a Quote Wall in the Entrance

If someone’s workspace isn’t inviting, it is likely that the same wouldn’t reel in the employees to the office everyday with a fresh and interactive mindset. Quotes are a good boost to one’s mindset, especially the inspirational and motivational quotes. As an employer, you can install a quote board around the entrance of the office so every employee can step in and give it a quick read before they get back to their work.

20. Encourage People to Create Vision Boards

Vision boards are an amazing way to channel people’s wishes and their goals for the year. If you want to contribute more to the mental wellness program for employee retention, we’d suggest you encourage your employees to make their own vision boards. Offer them free reign to the office printer and ask them to get anything and everything they want, printed out.

21. Host Sessions on Emotional Intelligence

Our mental and emotional well-being is heavily reflected by the way we react to situations and handle them. Sessions on EQ is a good way to help your employees self-reflect and cultivate better ways of handling situations that they feel stuck in. EQ is quintessential in helping people process their internal as well as external feelings and emotions and this is why you need to host a session on just that.

22. Address Seasonal Depression

Seasonal Depression is one of the least talked about mental health issues that people like to avert. If your employee seems to not be themselves and they are coming clean to you about their seasonal depression, you need to take it seriously. Address the concern and even help them in ways that can make them feel appreciated in the workspace. Light therapy is often considered effective for this condition.

23. Subsidize Further Education

The best investment that an employer and a company can make is on their own employees. The more skilled they are, the better it is for the company’s growth and development. So, if your employees want to upscale their skillset, even with more soft skills, encourage that thought and pay for the classes or courses that they would like to take up. Treat this as an incentive for the hard work they have put in.

24. Install an Acknowledge Jar

Every person likes to be appreciated and praised for their work and dedication. Instead of doing it out in front of everyone as an employer, you can ask your employees to do it. Every week, ask your employees to write a good note about their colleague/s and how their work helped ease their work burden. Acknowledgement doesn’t always have to come from management, it is sometimes better to come from the team of people they are working with.

25. Be Considerate with Leaves

Mental health days are real and it is necessary that you acknowledge that as an employer. Be transparent and friendly with your employees enough for them to reach out to you to frankly ask for a mental health day. Instead of demeaning them, support them throughout the process and assure them that it’s normal and okay to take a break every now and then.

Perks and Appreciation

Every employee working in a company is always looking forward to some cool and fun perks and incentives during their tenure. If you want to retain your employees, acknowledge their work and compensate them with some highly impressive perks as we have mentioned down below.

26. Host Themed Attire Days

This is one of those fun perks that every employee looks forward to. Like, wearing a suit and shirt is fine but wearing some patterned loose Hawaiian shirt with shorts is even better. It makes the office look fun and quirky and let’s be honest, it is everything you need to host a fun and interactive day at work. Themed attire days are amazing for boosting the employee engagement in the company.

27. Have some Music Break

You wouldn’t find a lot of offices installed with a speaker above their head. But, why not do it? If you have had a tiring day at work with your employees running around trying to meet the rushing deadlines, ask them to slow down. Play some music and just make everyone relax for 30 minutes to an hour. It might not seem like a lot but this is one of those perks that can help your employees feel rejuvenated and give them the energy to start again.

28. Incentivize Sharing Rides

Our planet is already struggling with urbanization and the constant commercialization. As an ode to the planet and to also appreciate your employees, you can encourage sharing rides by incentivizing them. If two or more employees carpool, pay them in vouchers that they can redeem later at a local spa or other stores. Count each day as a point and when they hit a milestone like 50 or 100 shared rides, you can give them something for their good deed.

29. Happy Hours

Another fun perk that you can sponsor as an employer are happy hours. After a tedious week at work, everyone wants to just relax, have a drink or two and just have a good night in. So, why not sponsor their drinks or a happy hour meal? It will not necessarily cost you a lot but it will instill a sense of belonging and appreciation in your employee.

30. Host Giveaways

With giveaways, you can’t be very consistent, especially because they cost a lot. So, one good way to host giveaways in the office is by doing so after a successful completion of a project. This way, you have the funds, and you have a fresh mindset in your employees to propagate the same further. For giveaways, you can include gift vouchers or coupons to local restaurants and pick out the name of the employee via chit picking game.

31. Shortened Days During Slow Days

Not all businesses flourish or run at a high pace throughout the year. There are some days during the year when the business is slow and there’s not much to do at the office. Instead of propelling your employees to stay in the office, wasting their time doing nothing, you can give them a half-day concession to let them enjoy the rest of the day off. Shortened days are one of the best fun perks that you can introduce in your workplace.

32. Ditch the Formal Dressing

Unless there’s a client coming in, urge your employees to dress comfortably. There are often chances that your employee might be slagging because the suit they are wearing is too tight or uncomfortable to wear. Letting your employees dress according to their comfort is key when it comes to heightened productivity in the workspace. It also reduces the tension and seriousness in the office.

33. Encourage Taking Public Transportation

Another thoughtful perk in the program is by encouraging your employees to avail public transportation instead of taking out their cars and contributing to more risks of pollution. You can give them coupons or bus vouchers to avail free rides to work. This way, you can reduce pollution around and at the same time, have people dedicated to come to the office for work.

34. Plant more Plants

As weird as this perk sounds, this encompasses both perks and appreciation. Every week or every month, you can appreciate the work of the best employee and plant a tree around your office or any place of their choice. This is an amazing way to show your appreciation to your employee, make them feel acknowledged and contribute to a Greener Earth too.

35. Take New Employees Out on a Lunch

Starting work at a new place is always daunting, especially if it is their first official company to work in. To make new hires feel welcomed and appreciated, you can take them out for lunch with the rest of the team. If that seems like too much of a hassle, you can leave them some goodies and some welcome gifts for their new journey in life.

36. Plan an Annual Holiday

When it comes to holidays, everyone likes to be on them, provided that they have the funds and the resources. Why not include it in their list of employee perks? Every year, plan a day or two of company retreat to move away from the chaos of work and deadlines.

37. Weekly Pet Days

Making your office pet-friendly is another amazing way to get going with the fun and perks in the office. You can host a pet day every week and allow your employees to bring their pets to work. This services as a good and healthy distraction from the monotony of work and keeps your employees happy.

38. Be Inclusive

Every company comes with its own website that represents their services and what they have to offer. In that website, include an About Us section in your company’s website and include photos and a short blurb explaining and describing them and their job role. It makes the employees feel like they are indispensable.

39. Address the Company’s Accolades

Not just inside the office, the employees want to be recognized outside too. You can thus frame the company achievements and employee appreciation and put them up inside the office for the clients to come see and appreciate.

40. Fun Award Function

When it comes to employee appreciation, there is a lot more than “Employee of the Month”. You can be creative with the acknowledgements and include fun and creative ways to appreciate the efforts put in by the employees on a weekly basis. 

41. Host a Thrifting Show

Sustainability is extremely important in today’s date. So, as a fun way to encourage sustainable shopping and encourage donations to the local charity, you can ask your employees to bring in the old clothes from their wardrobe that they wouldn’t wear. Other employees can either pick and choose something they like from the clothing drive and then donate the rest to charity.

42. Random Secret Santas

Why wait for the year end and holidays to host gifting sessions like Secret Santa and White Elephant? You can instead host them anytime around the year to keep the employees engaged. This is a fun way to have fun and also appreciate people in the office.

43. Host Cubicle Decoration Games

If your office has a cubicle setting, you can encourage your employees to decorate it the way they way. It could be with anything they want and customize the place in a way that resonates with their style and their lifestyle.

44. Include Some Surprise Freebies

Another form of perk that employees appreciate is random freebies. It doesn’t have to be something extensive. A simple Netflix subscription or a customized notepad is more than enough to let your employees know that you care.

45. Have a Recreation Room

If you find your employees hooked to their phones every 10 minutes, it is likely that they are bored and need a break. Having a recreation or game room in the office is a cool perk that everyone gets to enjoy to rejuvenate themselves.

Group and Team Building Activities

After the perks and the appreciating gestures, the next thing we need to emphasise on is team building. One of the most common reasons why employees leave their work is because they don’t get along with their teammates. 

46. Host Sports League

Not only is it a fun team building activity, it is also a great way to keep your employee’s fitness in check. You can urge the teams to join a local sports club, depending on the type of sport they enjoy playing.

47. Community Marathons for a Cause

Community Marathons, especially the 5K runs are an amazing way to nurture better relationships between the team members and even raise money for a good cause in the meantime. There are several such events held annually that you can keep track of.

48. Keep Balls and Games around the Office

Another amazing way of better team building and collaboration is to play around the office during the break hours. Instead of just slagging out on the office chair, get up and dribble a volleyball around the office with your team members.

49. Conduct “Get to Know Each Other” Activities

Conducting these kinds of sessions are an amazing way to let the team members introduce each other and know more about each other too. You can ask the team members to share some secrets that they normally wouldn’t. It doesn’t have to be something extensive or work-related. This harbours a better relationship among the people, outside of their work relationship. 

50. Launch Mentorship Programs

New hires are often confused about what the company expects of them. If you witness the same happening with your employees, a well-guided and planned mentorship program can effectively help them get a hang of being in a new environment and feel welcomed in your team too.

51. Weekly Bonding Sessions

Bonding sessions with the team is a good way to highlight everyone’s efforts and the shortcomings in a creative way. You can engage with the employees and ask them about their expectations from the management and the team in general. This makes them feel heard and makes them realise that they have a voice in the company.

52. Attend a Team Seminar

Another good team building activity is to host a trip down to attending seminars. They are a great way to spend time together with the team and even learn something new in the process.

Challenges and Fun Tasks

Another factor that plays into employee retention are the challenges and the fun task activities. These serve as a good distraction after a hectic day at work. Some of the best tasks and activities that can influence employee retention include:

53. Host Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger Hunts are an amazing way to introduce fun and adventurous ways of finding some amazing gifts in the end. In case you are stuck wondering how you can play these games while stuck at home, there are some amazing virtual scavenger hunts too. They bring the remote teams together and help with employee engagement.

54. Take them on a Field Day

If your company has a factory or an on-site location, conducting a field day is a good way to let the employees get a glimpse into the work that goes into making the products and such. These field days help the employees feel like they are an integral part of the company, which then reels to employee retention.

55. Host a Fitness Challenge

Fitness challenges are a fun way to keep your employees active throughout the day and also promote a fun and light environment in the office. There are several office-based fitness challenges that you can find online.

56. Walk a Mile

For Challenges, you can have the employees wear fitness trackers and then use the same to track their steps. The “Walk a Mile” is a good challenge that keeps up the fun and also promotes better team-building.

57. Hydration Challenge

When at office, employees have a tendency to not keep themselves hydrated enough. This is something that you need to work on as an employer. Hydration challenge is a fun way to keep a check on the water intake and also make it a fun activity in the office.

58. Monthly Fitness Challenges

There are several employees in a workspace that are trying to switch to a healthier lifestyle. Instead, they fail to take that first step because of lack of motivation and lacking partner support. Monthly fitness challenges are an amazing way to track these body changes and help get to the fitness challenges that they have kept on hold all this while.

59. Cooking Contests

For challenges and fun tasks in the wellness program for employees, you can include cooking contests. Just ensure that they require minimal arrangements and can be whipped up in the confines of the office in a short time. The one with the tastiest and most practical recipe wins the challenge.

60. Impromptu Contests

While it is amazing to plan things ahead of time, not everything works out according to plans. So, why not host an impromptu content? These are spontaneous and a very fun way to keep the employees diverted after a tedious work day. Wondering what challenges you could include? Well, how about a “Longest plank” challenge?

61. Gratefulness Challenge

We are always so worked up in our life and with work that we fail to address the things that we are grateful for on a daily basis. Instead of letting each day go to waste, challenge your employees with the Gratefulness Challenge. In this, ask them to maintain a Google Sheet for 21 days wherein they fill out the boxes everyday with three things they are grateful for on that particular day. Do this for 21 days and then share that with the office at the end.

Productivity Enriching

One of the most common issues why employees end up quitting their job is because they feel like they aren’t being productive enough. If the same is happening with your team too, here are a few hacks that you can include to your employee retention cheatsheet.

62. Create Collaborative Spaces

Working in front of the same computer and in the same cubicle can be draining. Instead, have the lenience to allow them to work from anywhere they want in the office. Have separate brainstorming and collaborative stations with bean bags and couches where they can relax and enjoy while working.

63. Pay for Productivity Courses or Self-Development Books

The biggest investment one makes is on themselves. So, if your employee approaches you asking for subsidizing a productivity course of a self-development book, grant them and support the gesture instead of taking it casually.

64. Promote Flexibility in Work Hours

If your employee feels suffocated in the 9 to 5 setting, it is time that you let them choose their hours. Some employees work their best at night while some work their best during the afternoons. Instead of pressuring them to work on the set hours, you can ask them to work according to their flexibility to enhance the overall performance and productivity.

65. Share Non-Work Goals

It is likely that you will have a whiteboard filled with the work goals of the company. While that is well and good, install a whiteboard where you ask your employees to write down their personal goals. Seeing it everyday can further churn their motivation to be more productive.

66. Encourage Remote Working

Many employers, especially the ones who love to micromanage, have the notion that remote working is not productive. Contrary to popular belief, it is nothing but a myth. If the employee finds it more flexible to work remote, even if it’s one day a week, grant that to them.

67. Vocalize Morning Huddles

While some employees are born proactive, there are some who need a little guidance in the beginning of the day to get them throughout the rest of the day. Doing a morning huddle with the team with a list of to-dos for the day is an amazing way to start a productive day at work.

68. Assort 20% of the Day to Accessory Tasks

It often gets boring and monotonous to work on the same projects and tasks day after day. Instead of doing that, assign 20% of the day’s time to accessory tasks that aren’t directly under your assigned work. It could be a new skill that you are learning or a new idea for the company that you want to brief the seniors with.

69. Ban Unnecessary Talks 

For a certain time during the day, ban any kind of interactions or phone usage. During those hours, the employees need to only focus on their work and nothing else at all.

Rejuvenation and Health Break Tasks

Much like work, your employees need and should get their well-deserved health breaks to rejuvenate their bodies and mind. Some of the best ways to do so include:

70. Encourage Napping 

Okay, before anyone gets confused, we are talking about a quick 15-20 minutes nap. These are an amazing energy booster and helps your body heal from the stress and the constant work pressure. Even studies have proven that taking a nap improves productivity.

71. Include Unlimited Vacation

This is one of those offers that will either help you find your most loyal and dedicated employees or the laziest ones. Including this perk in the employee benefits helps them understand that you believe in them and their capabilities and responsibilities in the job role.

72. Host Everyday Recess

Yeah, just like the ones you had in your school. Those 15-30 precious minutes of stepping out of the classroom, eating and having fun socializing with other students. You can introduce the same in the company too. Doing this helps your employees break out from the consistent schedule.

73. Incentivize Volunteering 

There’s nothing better than being kind and being grateful for everything you have. Volunteering is an amazing way to show that and give back to the community. As perks and part of the employee benefits, you can pay your employees for volunteering at their favorite shelter or charity.

74. Have a Separate Employee Lounge

Having an area in the office where your employees can just relax can be an amazing way to retain them in the office. You can include some couches, recliners or even some bean bags and let your employees relax every now and then. You can also include a few board games and meditation spots in the space.

75. Encourage Taking Breaks

Refraining your employees from not taking breaks is one of the most common forms of micromanagement, one that results in the employees quitting. Instead of being on the top of everyone’s head, encourage them to take breaks every hour, even if it is for 5-10 minutes in an hour.

76. Include Loyalty Rewards

There are several ways to reward your loyal employees, especially the ones who have been around in your company for years. Offering them a paid vacation or a paid month-long leave are some of the common loyalty rewards you can get them.

77. Address Frustration

Nothing good comes out of situations when your employees are working out of frustration. Instead of letting them work with that mindset, you can ask them to take the rest of the day off and then come back with a fresh mind the next day.

78. Offer Flexible Paid Leaves

Every company has a set of leaves that they offer to their employees. They include a set of casual leave, paid leave and sick leaves. Instead of having strict timelines to these leaves, make them flexible. Let the people choose how they want to use their banked leaves.

79. Offer Subsidized Eye Check-ups

One of the most common health issues that office goers now complain about is the strain it puts on their eyes. Instead of just bypassing these issues, address them and hold eye check-up camps in your office to help the employees keep up with their vision.

Bonus Wellness Programs for better Employee Retention

While these above ones are the top eighty employee retention methods, there are a few more that you can check out. These are a few accessory ones that can make your employees feel appreciated, loved and acknowledged in the work space, which is crucial to retaining them.

Some of them include:

80. Introduce Vegan or Vegetarian Meals for the Diet-specific employees.

81. Conduct monthly surveys to check the shortcomings they are facing (keep them anonymous).

82. Introduce Mindfulness programs in the work weeks.

83. Conduct on-site fitness or yoga classes.

84. Hand out free gym memberships to keep your employee health in check.

85. Hire a masseuse for a day.

86. Host a themed party in the office.

87. Address everyone by each other’s names instead of Sir or Ma’am to break the hierarchy

88. Avoid micromanaging your employees and give them to free reign to make mistakes and learn from them.

89. Give free company gear to the employees.

90. Make the employees feel special on their birthdays.

91. Book some movie tickets and watch it halfway through the work day with the whole office.

92. Offer employee discounts to your company’s products or services.

93. Pay the health insurance premiums for the employees who have excelled in their work.

94. Host a separate employee referral program.

95. Offer paid maternity and paternity leaves.

96. Hold 10-15 minutes sessions wherein everyone gathers around and cracks bad jokes.

97. Offer timely hikes and appraisals to the deserving candidates.

98. Implement a separate employee wellness software for your company portal.

99. Avoid having strict log-in times, especially for the employees who live far.

100. Conduct Office Potlucks.

101. Avoid drawing comparisons between the employees.

Final Words

Employee retention is not an easy process. It involves consistent efforts that need to be put from both ends, from the employer’s and the employee’s. If you have been witnessing a rapid succession in your employees quitting their jobs, it is likely that they aren’t satisfied with their work or with the way the company works. Whatever the shortcoming be, we have listed out over 100 different employee retention strategies that can help you retain your employees in the company and have a team that you can rely on.

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