6 Simple And Easy To Make DIY Lap Desks To Increase Your Productivity

A lap desk is just what you need to serve breakfast in bed or comfortably work on your laptop right from your bed. This is the perfect solution for all the lazy people out there. Besides, it is also a good option for people who are confined to bed for some reason.

Moreover, you can craft these lap desks on your own. How cool is that! This blog will give you some DIY lap desks that will help you be the most productive person right from the comfort of your bed or sofa.

6 Easy To Make DIY Lap Desk Ideas

1. Foldable Wooden DIY Lap Desk

Isn’t the idea of being able to set up a mini workplace in a jiffy right on your bed quite luring? This folding lap desk is sure to make your life better. Besides being easy to set up and store, this DIY lap desk is very stylish and its rustic appeal will compliment your room in a great way. Moreover, since it is foldable, it won’t be taking up a lot of space in your home when you are not using it. Sweet deal, right!

You’ll find the detailed step-by-step guide on how to make this lap desk at The House of Wood.

Here’s a non-foldable variation of the same with some storage space.

DIY Wooden Lap Desk With Storage Space

This DIY lap desk has been made by upscaling scrap wood that you can find scattered around here and there. Not only will it challenge your skill set but also help declutter things in your house at the same time.

The best part is that you won’t be spending anything at all on this lap desk. All you need to buy are hinges, screws, nails, and glue which will sum up to just $2 or so. And you can paint the final desk with some leftover paint. Find the steps to build this very useful piece of furniture here.

Also, the storage space will allow you to keep some work-related things and stationaries. This way you won’t have to get out of bed to look for things while working.

2. DIY Pillow Lap Desk

If you have ever used a computer on your lap, then you’ll know how hot it can become while using. A trick to save your lap from having to bear this unnecessary heat is this cool DIY pillow lap desk. It has a thick and plush cushion that rests comfortably on your lap and keeps the laptop heat away. On the other hand, the stable work desk acts as a sturdy surface to keep your laptop on.

You can also customize the top of the desk with decorations as per your style. You could use a flat wood piece or fiberboard for the desk or even an artist’s board with a cradle. The cradle works wonders here because the cushion fits perfectly inside it, thus, making the setup extra stable.

This cute pillow lap desk has been originally made by eHow. Find the detailed steps to build this DIY lap desk at their website.

Rustic No-Sewing Required DIY Lap Desk

Here’s a rustic variation of the same lap desk. Just grab a wooden board and combine it with a foam cushion and your DIY lap desk will be ready. Wrap the cushion you plan to use or the foam piece with a burlap. Decorate the wooden desktop with paint and designs. Before using the lap desk, you need to make sure that the paint and hot glue are dry.

Find detailed steps on how to make this DIY foam lap desk here.

DIY Lap Desk

Given below is one of the more functional DIY lap desk ideas with a wooden lip:

3. iPad Catcher Lap Desk

DIY Ipad Catcher Lap Desk

An iPad catcher installed combined with any of your DIY lap desk ideas is one of the most convenient ways to relax while working without having to worry about the laptop falling off. Like the aforementioned foam bottom lap desks, just combine a wooden board with the foam piece. And the finishing touch is to add the wooden lip to prevent your iPad or laptop from falling off the desk.

Lastly, decorate this DIY lap desk idea with paint, and don’t forget to wrap the foam with a piece of colorful fabric. This cool and handy lap desk idea comes from the creative minds of Inspiration Made Simple.

4. Unique Cupboard Door Lap Desk

If you wanted a cozy and vintage lap desk, chances are that you have the materials needed in your home only. All you need is an old cupboard door that obviously, is not in use anymore. Ever thought upcycling could be so much fun? Well, My Repurposed Life just made it happen!

Not only is it a fun little project but also looks great and brings in farmhouse vibes to the room. All you need to make a cupboard door lap desk are pieces of cupboard door, some paint, hinges, thread, and a dowel.

First, uninstall the hinges and other hardware that might be attached to the back of the wooden pieces. Next, join the two-leg pieces with the top piece of the lap desk via hinges (if you want it to be foldable). Now, to ensure that it stands strong, secure the legs by installing some screws and tying a knot around these screws. To further stabilize the setup, cut a dowel to fit inside the two legs of the desk.

5. DIY Hairpin Leg Lap Desk

This lap desk is the best of both worlds as it combines two modern furniture trends in one. We can’t stop going gaga over the aesthetics of this lap desk idea brought to you by The Merry Thoughts. Besides emitting that rustic charm with the living edge wooden board, it comes with hairpin legs that scream contemporary. Making such a chic and minimalist piece of furniture is pretty easy as well. All you need are wood, 4 hairpin legs, sandpaper, a drilling machine, and some screws.

Pro tip: Leave the wooden texture and color exposed and unchanged to alleviate the rustic vibe of the DIY lap desk.

6. Tray Cushion Lap Desk

Make these DIY cushioned lap trays with bean bag bottoms that conform to your lap! Use them as TV trays, for breakfast in bed, wheelchair trays, and more!

If you just can’t find the perfect wooden board for your lap desk, then, you can also consider repurposing an old tray. To make the underneath softer, you can add a foam bottom to this DIY lap desk idea.

All you need to do is take a cushion or a foam piece (wrap it with fabric) and then glue it to your tray. You can use the finished product as a DIY lap desk to work with your laptop on the bed or as a “bed-tray” to have your breakfast (or other meals) in bed. Try it out by following the example of Kenarry.com.

Here’s a cool variation of this lap desk idea. Check it out:

Neck Pillow Lap Desk With Pen/Pencil Holder

Here is yet another cool and creative lap desk that is pretty easy to make. Moreover, this method helps you upcycle the trays in your home that are no longer in use. This is one of the easiest projects on the list and even your kids can make. Else, you can join hands with your kids in making these and meanwhile spend some quality time with them. All the materials you need are trays, neck pillows, plastic buckets (small), and scotch fastener strips.

This lap desk idea has been shared by The Scrap Shoppe. All you need to do is cut two strips of the fasteners and stick them underneath the breakfast tray. Now, place the pillow with its seam side down on these fasteners. Lastly, press firmly to secure the setup. Also, you can glue a small plastic bucket on top of the desk that your kids can use for a pencil or pen holder.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Lap Desk?

Have you ever felt tired of sitting in a chair and working on your computer for long hauls? To ease the strain caused by sitting in the same position for a long duration, we often find ourselves moving to the couch or bed and working with the laptop on our laps. While it does feel quite cozy and comfy, soon often we are to feel some discomfort due to the heat generated from the working laptop.

This problem too can be solved by using a DIY laptop desk. Also, if you don’t want to buy a lap desk top from some lap desk source, then, you should try making it on your own. It’s fun, easy, and the lap desk will be customized as per your needs.

Other than that, a lap desk also allows you to position your arms and legs comfortably as you sit on your couch or bed. Moreover, typing also becomes easier and doesn’t strain your arms or wrists. Lastly, while working with a lap desk, you have the freedom to adjust the laptop screen angle in a way that your eyes don’t get strained and the glare gets reduced.


How can I make my laptop stand at home?

There are several ways to make a laptop stand at home. If you look it up on the internet, you’ll find ample methods using wood, cardboard, and even books. In this blog, we have mentioned a couple of ways to make lap desks that you can make within half an hour or so with minimum materials.

Are lap desks useful?

Yes, a lap desk offers several benefits if you are someone who works on a computer or a laptop. It allows you to maintain a much better posture than that you would have if you were sitting on a chair and working. You will be able to position your arms and legs properly without causing any strain. Other than that, a lap desk gives you a much better typing experience and also protects your lap from the direct heat of the laptop.

Final Words

That completes our list of creative DIY lap desk ideas. Before you go, we want you to remember that these are only ideas and you don’t need to strictly follow any of these. You can always play around, customize your lap desk, and throw in your own creativity to make the project even better. Let us know which one of these ideas appeals to you the most and which one you’re gonna try out!

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