Is It OK To Nap When Working From Home? Pros, Cons, And Tips

Yes, it is Ok to Nap when working from home. But there more to it.

At long last, our dreams have come true and a major part of the world is working from home. Not only does it give you a much-needed break from your busy workday, but also makes you healthier on the whole. Now, your boss is concerned about your work and its quality only. So, if you’re someone who feels energized after a quick napping session, then welcome to the club of nappers.

Sitting at computer chair for long hours of work can put a lot of stress on your body and mind. However, if you try to include a bit of sleep time in between your workday, you will be giving yourself an opportunity to rest. And resting in between long hauls of work, especially when you have a desk job, is one of the most beneficial things you could do for yourself.

Turns out, daily napping snooze time is not a sign of laziness. Instead, it is the answer to a lot of your work-related problems. Let’s find out how!

Body Cues Ask You To Take A Nap

A good nap will leave you more alert and boost up your mood. Moreover, your DNA is tuned in such a way that you’ll want to take a nap in the middle of the day. Doctors suggest that humans are genetically hardwired to feel a dip in alertness around the mid-afternoon hours. People usually drink coffee to get through such sleepy afternoons. However, a power nap can bring a better change in your productivity.

Moreover, a daytime nap will also alleviate your mood besides easing tension, stress, and anxiety. You will feel far more upbeat and motivated to work again.

Timing For Midday Napping

An afternoon nap is a good way to recharge yourself. But, it’s good only until you don’t wake up groggy-eyed. In addition to that, a long nap can make you feel alert in the early hours of the night. Hence, timing is pretty important when a person is taking a nap.

If someone naps for more than 20 minutes, they will begin entering the REM stage of the brain which is one of the deepest sleep states. If this stage gets interrupted, then you’ll get sleep inertia, i.e., that groggy, sleepy look you get after waking up from a bad nap.

A power nap occurs when you’re in the light stages of sleep and can tell that you are neither asleep nor awake. You’re much likely to be able to think, hear noises, and have sensations during this stage.

Napping in Your Bedroom Is a Big NO NO!

How, when, and where you take a nap is pretty important. The natural energy dip occurs from 2 pm to 3 pm. Hence, this is the best time to get a quick nap. But, stay wary of your bedroom, especially your bed. Do not get under the sheets, lest you’ll feel way too comfortable and will be much likely to end up sleeping longer than you planned.

This is sure to impact your night sleep in a negative way. What you need to do to get a quick but refreshing nap is dim the lights, ensure that the room temperature is a bit cool, and not wear anything too cozy or comfortable. Also, a yoga mat is a pretty good alternative to bed when it comes to napping or buy a napping office chair.

Calming Effect On Nerves

As per a study in the Journal of Applied Physiology, afternoon naps can bring around a 37% drop in deaths due to heart ailments. A little bit of snooze time has a positive effect on your blood pressure. The reason behind this is the reduced cardiovascular stress that is linked with daytime naps. . Besides, napping can also calm down your nerves, hence, making you relaxed and peaceful.

Boost Your Memory

Getting a quick nap of around 10 minutes while you are working from home can boost up your cognitive skills and abilities. This can further enhance your memory. But, take note that if your napping time lasts longer than 20 minutes, then you might wake up feeling groggy and tired.

Great Alternative To Coffee

How do you usually spend your break sessions while working? For the current generation, it’s mostly by browsing through social media, drinking some coffee, and idly passing time. However, some people often prefer working even during break hours. Since you’re working from home and are not in the office space anymore, why don’t you utilize the time for napping?

While at work, you might have gotten over the drowsiness by sipping coffee. As per the National Sleep Foundation, taking a productivity break to nap is far more effective at making you refreshed.

Reduces Errors in Work

Napping rejuvenates you by getting rid of the brick wall (productivity-wise) that you usually get while working for long hours. Working from home offers a great opportunity where workers can indulge in some self-care habits and napping breaks. Moreover, as per a study conducted by Psychology Today, when you take a quick nap, you essentially work towards keeping your mind sharp. This becomes much more important for people who have irregular work shifts or night shifts. Also, napping can help in eliminating the afternoon drowsiness that workers usually get while working.

Tips For Napping During Work Hours

  • Keep in mind that naps are supposed to be short-term

Your afternoon slumber should be just a light snooze and you shouldn’t go into a deep state of sleep. Remind yourself before taking a nap that it is just a short time to rest your mind and body.

  • Mark a specific napping place

Remember that crawling into bed and getting under the sheets is most likely to set you up for deep sleep. Hence, you have to decide on some other place that is fit for a short sleep session.

  • Napping shouldn’t be a way to cope with sleep deprivation

Don’t presume that your naps will make for your sleepless nights. This is no proper way to repay your sleep debts. Instead, maintain a good sleep habit and proper hygiene to ensure that your overall health stays intact.

  • Maintain a sleep diary

If you are new to taking naps and not quite sure about whether to continue taking a nap in the daytime or not, then a sleep journal will help you out. It will allow you to track the overall effect of your sleep habits and hence, determine if taking naps will be helpful to you or not.

Bottom Line

Work from home has indeed made our lives much easier and one of the many ways by which it has done so is by allowing us to take naps. While a lot of overachievers and workaholics might be feeling guilty for napping in between work hours, truth is that it is quite healthy for your mind and body. The findings of many studies suggest that some snooze time during work hours can refresh your mind and energize you besides taking away the work-related tiredness.

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