6 Best Office Chair for Tall Person

Best Overall

BERLMAN Ergonomic High Back Office Chair

Best Value

OFM Essentials Racing Style High Back Office Chair

Best Budget

OFM Essentials Racing Style Gaming Chair

The majority of the office chairs that you see around are made with an average height in mind. So, even these ergonomic chairs can become pretty uncomfortable to sit on throughout the day when you are a tall person.

From the lack of seat depth to the height adjustment issues, not every chair will fit your requirements. It would help if you looked for big and tall office chairs that complement your height and enhance your work productivity in such cases.

To significantly help you out, I have gone through some of the top options available in the market and listed the best ones for you.

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Best Office for Tall Person

1. BERLMAN Ergonomic High Back Office Chair

Best Overall

When talking about office furniture, BERLMAN is one of the best options around. Not only does the BERLMAN Ergonomic High Back Office Chair look good, but it is also pretty durable. The integrated frame in this chair is very sturdy and is made from the finest materials.

The backrest of the chair features a breathable mesh that ensures better airflow. It keeps you comfortable even when you sit on the chair working throughout the day. The chair also comes with lumbar support and an extended headrest.

The high rise headrest allows you to support your neck and the lower back too. Aside from those basic design features, it also has the tilt lock mechanism with a tilt tension knob that enables better adjustments. 

The pneumatic height adjustment allows you to set the height of the chair according to your needs. This also makes the chair very versatile because it adjusts itself based on the stature of an individual.

The chair’s armrest lifts so you can slide it under a table to save more space. The base of the office chair is also pretty sturdy and durable. It is designed with silenced rolling PU casters that glide smoothly on the floor without any creaky noise.

The chair’s weight capacity is 250 pounds, so that is likely a limitation for some tall people. But, the one good thing about this brand is their prompt customer service. You can reach out to them with quality issues, and they will assist you with the needful.

BERLMAN Ergonomic High Back Office Chair is Suitable for:

This office chair from BERLMAN is perfect for individuals who are particular about getting themselves a standard looking office chair. It is a little on the expensive side, but it is worth every penny you spend.


  • It has a breathable mesh backrest.
  • The arms of the chair lift up to save space.
  • It has silenced rolling PU casters for easier movement.


  • It is a little overpriced.

2. Oak Hollow Furniture Aloria Series Office Chair

Best Overall Runner-Up

Don’t get deterred by the name of the brand. This office chair is not made out of wood. But, the durability and the sturdiness of the chair ensures that it is nothing less than wood. The brand is known for its sleek and stylish products, and the Oak Hollow Furniture Aloria Series Office Chair is no different.

The best feature of this big and tall office chair is the soft and durable cowhide leather seat. Not only does it add a very premium look to the chair, but it also brings about a certain level of comfort that you can’t match with anything else.

The leather seat is so durable that it lasts for years without any signs of wear and tear. Unlike PU leather, which does wear off after a few months or a year, this one is meant to last. That is not where it stops though. The chair is also fitted with a wide range of adjustability features.

The lumbar support with the adjustable seat height is a steal. It also comes with a 4-way adjustable armrest that allows you to adjust everything based on your needs. Even the lumbar support can be adjusted up and down depending on one’s preference.

This ergonomic chair also has the synchro tilt mechanism for different locking positions, depending on what suits your comfort the best. The seat-depth adjustment is also pretty amazing, especially for tall people. 

The chair has been specifically designed to fit the requirements of all the people around. It has dual pneumatic seat height adjustment that you can play around with. All you need to do is find your ideal height setting and you are all set. 

This office chair’s weight capacity for tall people is 300 lbs, so you need to be mindful of that too. It doesn’t matter what kind of adjustable requirements you have, be it for your height or back support, this chair takes care of every last need of yours.

Oak Hollow Furniture Aloria Series Office Chair is Suitable for:

This chair is quite versatile but works best in an office setting. If you are tired of sitting on your regular desk for hours, this is the best chair for you.

Oak Hollow Furniture Aloria Series Office Chair...
  • 【Genuine Leather Seat】 - The Aloria Series ergonomic office chair by Oak Hollow Furniture comes equipped with an upgraded, soft and...
  • 【Adjustability Options】 - We've outfitted the Aloria Series office chair with a host of adjustability features, including the 4-way...
  • 【Perfect Fit】 - This ergonomic office chair is designed to fit the majority of users comfortably! Choose your perfect cylinder height -...


  • It comes with a wide range of adjustable settings.
  • It has a weight capacity of 300 lbs.
  • The seat is made of cowhide leather.


  • It is expensive.

3. OFM Essentials Racing Style High Back Office Chair

Best Value

When looking for the best office chairs for big and tall people, the OFM Essentials Racing Style High Back Office Chair stands out in the crowd. Unlike the previous ones, this one does have a stunning design with an extra padded seat for more comfort.

The chair’s seat has a diamond heat-pressed pattern that adds a very premium and sophisticated look to the chair. The chair also has a contoured design that conforms itself according to the shape of your body.

The padded chair is covered in Softthread leather that adds a sheen and durability to the chair’s material. The extra lumbar cushion not just provides lumbar support, it also supports your lower back for extended periods.

Aside from the lumbar cushion, it also has a separate headrest, one that allows you to support your neck from time to time. Even the arms of the chair are padded, providing added comfort for the tall users.

The five-star base in the bottom of the chair further makes sure that the chair is stable for every person that sits on it. It has reinforced resin that further ensures better durability and heightened weight capacity too.

The 360-degree swivel allows smoother movement around the room. Some of the other features in this ergonomic chair that are worth the mention are the center-tilt mechanism that helps easier reclining to stretch your spine from time to time.

If you are wondering how much weight capacity it has, it can support up to 250 lbs, which is not the best compared to the previous options. You also get the OFM lifetime warranty with this product, which comes in handy.

OFM Essentials Racing Style High Back Office Chair is Suitable for:

This executive chair is perfect for corporates in higher designations with their own cabin. Given how premium the chair’s design is, you can’t miss out on that look.

No products found.


  • It comes with a lumbar cushion for added support.
  • It is backed by the OFM lifetime warranty.
  • It has a contoured design that aligns according to the user’s body shape.


  • It can only support up to 250 lbs.

4. Bowery Management Office Chair

Best Value Runner-Up

We all need a little quirk in our life now and then. If you enjoy bright colors, especially around your desk, you’d want to invest in the Bowery Management Office Chair. The reason why this is such a favored option for tall people is because of the high backrest.

This ergonomic chair is highly adjustable, which makes this such a funky yet comfortable addition to your workspace. The seat features a comfortable poly-cotton foam seat with memory foam for a more comfortable sitting experience throughout the day. It also has 5-positive sliding seat adjustments that let you adjust the seat depth of the chair.

As for the reclining adjustments, it does come with a locking feature that allows you to lock the chair in a reclined position to support and stretch your spine and lower back. The chair also comes with different colored backrests, which again adds to the quirk.

Aside from the height adjustments, the chair also sports adjustable armrests with six interchangeable modes. It also comes with a 2-years warranty on the product, allowing you to reach out to them in case of quality issues.

Bowery Management Office Chair is Suitable for:

It is one of the best chairs for gamers and people who enjoy adding some quirk to their workspace. If you are not looking specifically for a padded backrest, this is your safest bet.

No products found.


  • It has a very quirky and colorful design.
  • It has a high-rise backrest.
  • It has highly adjustable features for more comfort.


  • The backrest is not padded.

5. OFM Essentials Racing Style Gaming Chair

Best Budget

When talking about tall people’s chairs, some individuals don’t want to spend a fortune. In case you are one of them, the OFM Essentials Racing Style Gaming Chair is the best option for you.

It is perfect for individual gamers who play and online stream their games for hours. It has a very sleek race car style design that provides optimal luxury and comfort that you seek for in an office chair.

It does come with height adjustment settings to make sure that it fits your comfort level. It has a contoured segmented padding that mimics the function of memory foam. It adjusts itself according to your body’s shape, ensuring that you don’t complain about backache.

The chair is also integrated with a padded headrest and armrests. These further enable tall users to have a comfortable sitting experience. It supports your back with the mesh back that ensures better airflow.

If you are an avid gamer who spends the majority of their time in front of the laptop or desktop beating their enemies, this chair will provide the comfort and support you need. The armrests flip up, allowing you to slide it under the table to save more space.

The chair itself is upholstered in SoftThread leather that adds a very premium look. It also has a 360-degree swivel that allows smoother movement around the room. The weight capacity of this chair is 275 lbs.

OFM Essentials Racing Style Gaming Chair is Suitable for:

This is your best pick if you play games for extended periods. It is the best choice for gamers, especially the professional gamers.

No products found.


  • It has multiple height adjustment settings.
  • It is upholstered with SoftThread leather.
  • It comes with extra padding for optimal comfort and support.


  • It is not the most lightweight option.

6. Serta Executive Office Chair

Best Budget Runner-Up

Last in the list is the Serta Executive Office Chair. The reason why this suits the likings of tall people is because of the added lumbar support. It has the correct seat depth and width, allowing them to sit comfortably for extended hours without experiencing stiffness.

Even though this is quite a reasonably priced option, this one has the highest weight capacity among all the other options. It can support up to 350 lbs, which is pretty inclusive. As for the design of the chair, it is predominantly suited for an office environment.

The seating area of the chair is another advantage of this product. It is quite wide, allowing you to support your butt for extended periods. It has plush body pillows with extra padding for better comfort. 

The chair itself is upholstered with faux leather that is pretty durable and can sustain the constant wear and tear even after years of usage. The weight capacity is 250lbs, which is not the most but is favorable enough.

It is one of the best office chairs for tall people, mostly because of the extended headrest. The chair supports the neck too, enabling a more comfortable seating experience for more extended periods. The five-star base is also pretty durable.

The dual-wheel casters ensure easy movement around the room. This enables better stability and glides through the surface easily. The adjustable height makes this one of the best chairs for tall people.

Serta Executive Office Chair is Suitable for:

This chair is perfect for tall users who want a chair with adjustable seat height and wider seating area. Additionally, it also has an extended backrest that takes care of back pain and lets you lean back from time to time.

Serta Fairbanks Big and Tall High Back Executive Office...
  • FIT FOR AN EXECUTIVE: Enhance your office experience with the comfort and luxury of the Serta Big and Tall Executive Office Chair
  • BIG AND TALL: Supports up to 350 pounds and has a generous seating area
  • TRANQUIL SEATING EXPERIENCE: Deep layers of plush body pillows and hand-sculpted, upholstered armrests


  • It has an extended backrest for better comfort.
  • It has a five-star base for more comfort.
  • It has dual-wheel casters for easier movement.


  • The leather can get hot with prolonged use.

What Factors to Look for When Buying an Office Chair for Tall People?

When it comes to buying an ergonomic chair for a tall person, there are a few factors that you do need to look for. I have listed out a few pointers for you.


If you are taller than average, you need to keep an eye out on the chair’s size. You want one that has an adjustable height setting. Additionally, keep an eye out on the width of the seat too. You want one that will accommodate you, and at the same time, ensure better comfort for your back and spine.


Another factor to look for is the material of the chair. The material of the chair’s frame is essential to assess. For the most part, they are either made with real or faux leather. Some are also made with cotton material. But we’d suggest you get one that is durable and can withstand the wear and tear for extended periods.

As for the frame of the office chair, nylon and inox chairs also work pretty well. They have a more stable frame, which again is a reason enough why you need to purchase the same.

Adjustable Settings

Lastly, as a tall person, you will not just need a mesh back for comfortable airflow, but also adjustable settings that accommodate your height the best. Get the ones that also come with adjustable headrest and armrests. 

Additionally, a 360-degree swivel also allows smoother movement around the room. You also want an office chair that provides optimal reclining features.


When buying a chair for tall people, you need to make sure of several things. To help you pick out the best one, I have sorted you out with some of the most favorable options. Although, as a personal preference, I would suggest you look at the BERLMAN Ergonomic High Back Office Chair. But you need to look through the features yourself and see which one fits your needs the best.

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  1. I’m 6’5” tall so my primary reason for buying #2 chair was for back support and leg support. I was happy that the seat could be adjusted to provide a deep cushion for my legs as a lot of chairs do not have a deep seat. I’ve only rated it 3 stars for comfort because the seat cushion could use a bit more cushioning. It gets a bit firm after sitting for a little while. Other than that I’m pretty happy with the purchase. I found assembly to be straightforward and I like the non-bulky look of the chair.

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