DXRacer vs Secretlab vs Vertagear

Gamers are more likely to choose a gaming chair. If you want to select a chair between DXRacer, Secretlab and Vertagear, and confused about their features, then here we come with a solution of DXRacer vs Secretlab vs Vartagear.

These all are the top manufacturer in the gaming chair industry. Choosing from high-class manufacture means selecting the best brand. A gaming chair tells the nature of the gamer. A gamer probably spent a lot of time in a gaming chair. There is a close relationship between a player and his/her chair.

DXRacer, Secretlab and Vertagear are the best brands in the market of a gaming chair. There are lots of brands, but these three brands make a difference out there.

DXRacer vs Secretlab vs Vertagear
DXRacer vs Secretlab vs Vertagear

Everyone wants to make sure that which one is perfect for him/her and is that chair comfortable for him/her? Comfort is the main thing what you expect from a gaming chair.

Know about DXRacer, Secretlab and Vertagear

If you want a short answer about DXRacer vs Secretlab vs Vartagear, then it goes with DXRacer. DXRacer is the well-established and oldest one in gaming chair brand. That’s not meaning about the other two brands are not remarkable. Each brand has its benefits and features.

This article will show you the differences, qualities and comparison of these three brand chairs. We try to cover the most important factors and features to consider while buying a gaming chair. Let me drink a bottle of water you also can take a bottle of cola with you and read further to make your choice.

So here we are starting.

DXRacer vs Secretlab vs Vartagear Brand Overview


The oldest gaming chair brand established in 2001, at first, they established as car seat manufacturer. Then after a few years, they started offering office and gaming chairs.

DXRacer vs Secretlab vs Vartagear

Besides, DXRacer is well-known and respected in the world of eSports and optic gaming. It begins with a heavy metal frame, memory foam, and high-quality PU leather.

There are too many variations on this chair. And DXRacer gaming chair price also varies from around $300-$800.

DXRacer can bear weight up to 450lbs; it includes lumbar support with a pillow, ergonomic design, two-years warranty on parts and lifetime warranty on frame.

Series of DXRacer gaming chairs:

  • Formula Series
  • Racing Series
  • King Series
  • Valkyrie Series
  • Sentinel Series
  • Tank Series
  • Drifting Series
  • Iron Series
  • Boss Series
  • Classic Series


It is the most recent brand established in 2014. In this short time, this company also gained a massive reputation in the gaming chair industry. It is now a brand name among chair manufacturers. It recently obtained a $300 billion investment firm.

DXRacer vs Secretlab vs Vartagear

With an extensive range of options, Secretlab also offers memory foam, metal frame, and PU leather, NAPA leather, software fabric. It is made for both small and tall people and can bear 390lbs with class-4 gas lift.

Secretlab is well-known to its users for excellent comfort, ergonomic design, lumbar pillow support, etc.

There are some series of their chair and price of the Secretlab gaming chair is around $400-$1000

It offers five years frame and parts warranty.

Series of Secretlab gaming chairs:

  • NAPA Gaming Chairs


It dives into the market in 2015, with a mixture of computer hardware and furniture. Vartagear aims to develop the gaming community with a spectrum of expertise; they believe in design, comfort, quality and functionality.

DXRacer vs Secretlab vs Vartagear

Vertagear offers “breathable” and “open-cell” water-resistant PU/PVC leather. It helps to limit the temperature and give your gaming session an extension as well as it also offers, comfort, ergonomic design, and quality.

There are several series in this Vertagear chair. and price of the Vartagear gaming chair is around $300-$900

It also offers a lifetime warranty for the steel frame and two years warranty of parts.

Vertagear gaming chair series:

  • P-Line series
  • S-Line series
  • Racing series
  • Trrigger Line

What Are the Differences?

Differences: DXRacer vs Secretlab vs Vertagear

  1. DXRacer is the Most Oldest Brand
  2. Secretlab Offers High-Quality material
  3. Vertagear offers quality and highly adjustable
  4. DXRacer Has the Biggest Presence in the Gaming Community
  5. Secretlab is More Affordable
  6. Vertagear is for big and tall user
  7. DXRacer Has a Broader variety Available
  8. Vertagear is easy to assemble
  9. DXRacer is Better for Big and Tall Gamers

DXRacer vs Secretlab vs Vertagear – Comparison of Features & Design

Range of Chairs

These three brands have an impressive range of chairs. They introduce new series one after one—different kind of series from these manufacturers. Range of chair means how many colours are there, several products, and a variety of merchandise, etc. Here we listed them.

DXRacer: It has a vast number of different series like Formula Series, Racing Series, King Series, Valkyrie Series, Sentinel Series, Tank Series, Drifting Series, Iron Series, Boss Series, Classic Series. Also, these chairs have different colour and variety on them.

Secretlab: IT has different series like Throne omega, Titan napa gaming chairs, also have a variety of colour and product. But not as much as DXRacer has.

Vertagear: Is has P-Line series, S-Line series, Racing series, Trrigger Line. Variety of colour and product. It is a top-class brand in the market, but not much variety as DXRacer has.

Rang of chair master is DXRacer.


These three manufacturer brands are a bigger brand in the gaming chair industry. They offer a wide variety of products for gamers. They mainly sell via their website to keep the price down. At this time these chairs have a different amount like DXRacer is $239 lowest one, Secretlab $299, and Vertagear is $339.

Despite, the price range of DXRacer vs Secretlab and Vertagear is quite similar,

In vain we can say that top brand chairs might be expensive.

But with their website, they offer to affirm financing, which allows you to break your more significant payments to smaller one.

Range of Price master DXRacer

Size Range

DXRacer is best gaming chair for the big and tall gamer. Weight capacity of this chair is 450lbs; on the other hand, Secretlab and Vertagear weight capacity are 390lbs and 275lbs.

Despite this, DXRacer offers bigger size seat and different body types with different series. There are lots of series to choose from as per your body type. Like if you are a chubby, fat, tall, heavy person, etc. You can choose as you want.

With Secretlab, you need to choose from their limited types of chair. There bigger chair weight capacity is 390lbs. And it is the right choice for tall and big gamers.

And with Vertagear, there is limited choice. But you can choose the perfect one for your need. They also make a chair for all type of body and size. Weight capacity is 275lbs.


There is little difference between these three chairs.

DXRacer has a 4D armrest, which only comes with a bigger model like Iron, king, etc.

Secretlab offers adjustable lumbar with a neck pillow.

Vertagear offers heavy-duty aluminium frame with Ultra-premium resilience foam.

4D armrest makes an enormous difference because it helps to prevent neck and shoulder pain.

Built Base

Some DXRacer comes with a nylon base, which makes this chair weaker and low-quality chair, some people complain about this.

On the other hand, all the Secretlab chair comes with aluminium base.

And Vertagear comes with aluminium and steel base.


DXRacer comes with high-quality PU leather, cheapest material, looks elegant, water-resistant, which makes this chair easy to clean and reliable.

Above all these three chairs Secretlab made with PU leather, NAPA leather, soft weave fabric. Soft weave fabric Helps to not sweat in a chair, but it isn’t easy to clean. NAPA leather is breathable, very soft and durable but expensive. This brand offers different types of fabrics in different series.

Vertagear also made with PU/PVC leather. It helps to clean and maintenance.

You can choose the upholstery as your need and which fits your budget.

Customer Service and Warranty

All three companies have a brand reputation in the market, and they have excellent customer service and warranty policy. You can contact them directly from their website.

With DXRacer, they have a number to call directly and contact form to fill and submit.

Hence, with Secretlab also you can fill the query form or call directly to their number.

Vertagear also has the same option with form submit and number to call directly.

All of them have their FAQ page. You can get help from this also.

Comparison table

• Established: 2011
• Price Range: $300-$800
• Popular Model: Formula Series FH11
• Established: 2014
• Price Range: $400-$1000
• Popular Model: Secretlab Omega
• Established: 2015
• Price Range: $300-$900
• Popular Model: Vertagear SL2000
• Lowest price
• Too many varieties
• Affordable price
• Detailed quality design
• Affordable price
• Ergonomics design
• Oldest manufacturer• Custom Components• Classy design
• Best for variety and price• Best for quality• Best for Ergonomics

Which DXRacer, Secretlab and Vertagear Chairs Are Similar?

1. P-Line Series vs DXRacer Formula vs Secretlab THRONE

DXRacer FormulaSecretlab THRONEP-Line series
• 2D adjustable armrests• 4D adjustable armrests• 2D adjustable armrests
• Adjustable lumbar pillow• Adjustable backrest pillow• Head and lumber pillow
• Normal priced chair• Expensive than Formula• Medium priced chair

2. DXRacer Racing vs Secretlab OMEGA vs Vertagear Racing

DXRacer RacingSecretlab OMEGAVertagear Racing
• Mesh fabric or PU leather• Available with NAPA Leather• PU/PVC leather
• 3D armrests • 4D armrests • 4D armrests 
• Multi tilt function• Adjustable neck pillow• Additional cushion
• Neck and lumber support• High wrist support• Neck and lumber

3. Secretlab TITAN vs DXRacer King vs Trrigger Line

DXRacer KingSecretlab TITANTrrigger Line
• Head & Lumbar Pillow• Lumbar Support and Head Pillow• Multi tilt function
• 4D armrests • 4D armrests • 4D armrests
• PU leather • PU leather/ Soft weave fabric• Premium calfskin leather (High price)
• Metal frame• Metal frame• Metal frame

Which brand is the Winner?

All this chair is Winner in different needs.

If you want a chair for office use, the DXRacer has best seat design.

Shorter user? Secretlab chairs are perfect for short or small people.

If you look for luxurious leather … Secretlab’s NAPA leather chair is best at $1000.


We are now at our end. So, do you find the best chair for you? DXRacer vs Secretlab vs Vertagear, which one you are choosing now. Just comment on your thoughts and queries below.

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