How to connect Xbox one to Bluetooth gaming chair

Gaming is a passion nowadays. Every gamer purchases advanced gaming chairs for their comfort and user experience—high-quality gaming chair for ps4 and Xbox one. But people got frustrated on how to connect Xbox one to Bluetooth gaming chair. There is a huge variety of chairs in the market. You always want to choose a simple one that gives you comfort and support. Some of the chairs you can directly connect with your console device, and some need expert help to be connected.

How to connect Xbox one to Bluetooth gaming chair
How to connect Xbox one to Bluetooth gaming chair

PS4 and Xbox One only have HDMI port, and wireless gaming chairs use RCA connectors. That’s why you can’t connect wireless gaming chair to Xbox one without expert help.

The process of connecting is straightforward and easy, it only takes a few minutes. Anyone with a little effort can do this job efficiently.

We will show you some best methods to connect Xbox and ps4 with a wireless gaming chair

Method 1. How to Connect Xbox One to Bluetooth Gaming Chair via RCA cable:

To connect Bluetooth wireless gaming chair to Xbox one, you need HDMI to audio converter. And one HDMI cable already with plugged with Xbox one or ps4. But a big problem with this is you can’t use the Bluetooth feature with Xbox one.

There is no Bluetooth on Xbox One. You can connect your chair with Xbox one via TV. Most gaming chairs made to use the wireless feature by connecting a gaming chair with TV.

connect Xbox one to Bluetooth gaming chair
How to connect Xbox one to Bluetooth gaming chair

4 Easy steps to connect your gaming chair to Xbox One:

Step One

Connect your chair, Xbox one, tv, etc. to the power supply. Make sure your devices are correctly connected. Check all devices by switching buttons on or off.

Step Two

First, check your TV user manual to know what your TV supports like the analog or digital audio output. If your TV has digital audio output, connect the one part of HDMI cables to the TV; And connect another end to the audio converter. (Xbox One comes with HDMI port)

Step Three

Now use the second HDMI cable to connect on the Xbox one and another end to the audio converter.

Step Four

Finally, connect the red/white RCA cable that comes with gaming chairs, put these RCA cables into chair ports, and another end to the audio converter. Your gaming chair is now connecting with Xbox one. Enjoy the quality gaming experience.

Method 2. Connect with Wireless transmitter

Most chairs are made to work through the TV. And they work like gaming chair to TV and TV to Xbox One or PS4. With the wireless feature, you can connect wirelessly. We will now discuss how you can connect your Xbox One with a wireless gaming chair through a wireless transmitter.

Below are the steps one how to connect Xbox one to a wireless gaming chair.

Step One

Simple as usual, connect your Xbox one to Tv with HDMI cable. Make sure the power supply.

Step Two

Now connect the wireless transmitter to tv. 2 3.5mm green cables comes with your wireless gaming chair. Connect the transmitter plug the green end to the input jack and another end to the TV audio.

Step Three

Put the power supply to the transmitter and chair, then turn on. Make sure the connectivity between chairs and TV. You need to match the band frequency of the transmitter and chair.

The transmitter will transmit audio signals to the chair’s built-in speakers if you have done all things correctly.

connect Xbox one to Bluetooth gaming chair
How to connect Xbox one to Bluetooth gaming chair

Method 3. Connect with Aux Cord

You can directly connect via aux cord. Follow these 2 simple steps to connect appropriately.

Step One

As usual, connect the Xbox One to the TV.

Step Two

Make sure all devices have the power supply. Now put aux cord to the aux input of the gaming chair. And another end to the controller.

It is the simplest method to connect a gaming chair with Xbox one.

NOTE: Connect ps4 with wireless gaming chair is the same process.

Bluetooth Gaming Chair:

Bluetooth Gaming Chair means wireless gaming chair. These chairs can connect wirelessly with TVs and some gaming consoles.

Wireless chair means not entirely wireless; it means these have a built-in transmitter and receivers. These can help to receive audio wirelessly.

You can quickly move this chair. These chairs are designed for high comfort and relaxation. Also, have a built-in audio system.

Why you need a Bluetooth gaming chair?

Gamers always find the best of the best. They play games all day long. You are also a gamer and bought a gaming chair that can give you comfort, high-quality sound, and better gaming experience. A Bluetooth gaming chair may have these all these things. Here we found some leading causes of why you need a Bluetooth gaming chair.

1. Comfort:

Always comfort is the main part of any of the gaming chair. You bought a gaming chair to be comfortable playing games for a long time. Dedicated gamers play games the whole day. Meanwhile, They need to sit on a chair for so long.

Many gamers suffer from many health problems like shoulder pain, neck pain, back pain, etc. That’s why they need a designed adjustable gaming chair. With adjustable backrest and armrest, gaming chairs are more comfortable.

2. Additional features:

With an average budget gaming chair, you can get some features like wireless Bluetooth, 2/4 speakers, multi-purpose use, vibrations, easy-to-use control, foldable, etc.

3. Audio system:

It is the second main fact about a wireless gaming chair. Some gamers buy chairs for this sound system only. And they want hilarious sound during playing games or want to listen to music. Some chair has 4-speakers with 1-subwoofer, and some have 2-speakers with 1-subwoofer. In addition there are more than enough to give you a great experience of gaming.


Now you know all the methods of how to connect Xbox one to Bluetooth gaming chair. Xbox one has no built-in Bluetooth. That’s why you can’t connect it directly. But some gaming console may have an integrated Bluetooth system than you can connect them easily.

Thanks for reading this; I hope you got a solution to your problem. If yes, please feel free to comment below, it will help us write better to help you more.

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