6 Best Computer Desks Under $100 (2022)

If you are someone who recently started on a multi-month search to find a cheap crafting computer desk, then you are at the right place! In this article, we can assure you of the right way to find quality furniture which does not cause any problems. 

If you go by popularity and brand name only, it will seem that a good computer desk cost hundreds of dollars for all the nice bits. An awkward and/or overmatched office desk will make it a nightmare to work or gaming experience on your device. We have prepared a compact list of top 6 best computer desks.

1. FURINNO Econ Multipurpose Home Office Computer Writing Desk, French Oak Grey

Best Overall 

Safco Products Muv 35-49"H Stand-Up Desk Adjustable Height Computer Workstation with Keyboard Shelf, Cherry

Furinno Econ is a perfectly designed table that comes with different storage options and a simple yet stylish design.  The desk is impressive and can be used to do work for hours without any problem. You can consider taking the table as your new location for work and also place some cool things to make your place look attractive.  This table is made of high-quality engineered wood that is very durable and can handle up to 50 Kgs in weight. It arrives with anti-skid foundation buffers for additional power and stabilisation.

The table is suitable for the people looking for furniture to start working in their home or looking for a perfect table as an addition to their working space. 

Suitable For?

The table is suitable for the people looking for furniture to start working in their home or looking for a perfect table as an addition to their working space.

No products found.


  • The height of this desktop table is enough for you that offers a lot of space to place your items.
  • It can carry a weight of 300 pounds. So you load it without any fear.
  • The melamine surface of the table makes it easy for you to clean a cheap pc desk.
  • In the manufacturing process, the manufacturer uses state-of-the-art precision machines combined with specific technologies to give the goods a beautiful finish.


  • The table is only 34.1 inches, which can be a little lower, and the design could be discomforting for some people. 
  • The table is not suitable for office people as it does not have that much storage space. 

2. JOISCOPE Home Office Computer Desk

Best Overall Runner Up

FURINNO Econ Multipurpose Home Office Computer Writing Desk, French Oak Grey

Are you in search of a solid, sturdy, stable, and best gaming desk under 100? Indeed, JOISCOPE Home Office Computer Desk is the one that meets your needs for a professional and home office desk. With hassle-free comprehensible instructions, you have not to apply high efforts to set up this table desk. Built of powder-coated steel and chipboard, this cheap gaming desk offers quality services. 

If you are troubling with your home storage issues and want a gaming PC desk that takes less space, then JOISCOPE is a perfect choice for you. Featuring a compact design, it becomes convenient for you to find a place in your home to store these gaming desks under 100. The best part is that these gaming desks help you tremendously to keep your mouse pad, keyboard, or any other stuff. 

Whether you want a desk for writing, dining, computer, office, exhibition, or any other purpose, this corner computer desk is an ideal option for the living room, study, and even the living room. The elegant and simple design of this PC gaming desk meets the style requirements of your home. While ensuring the beauty, you can have peace of mind with durable and safe material. 

Suitable For:

This product has multiple usage capabilities. Those who want to use this desk in their office, study desk, or computer desk can go for this product. It is suitable for those who have compact space in their rooms and want to place it in different directions. People indeed love its sturdiness and easy assembly. 

No products found.


  • The exquisite finish makes it trouble-free to keep the desk clean.
  • Involves additional storage options
  • Spacious and effortless to move around
  • The well-designed table lets you place all necessary gaming accessories.
  • Let you accommodate bulky books, spreadsheets, and even a bundle of vital papers.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Safety material plus aesthetic design
  • Multifunctional, sturdy, and durable
  • Fits into almost every business kind
  • Easy to adjust robust iron frame leg pads
  • Offers the ability to support the high bearing weight
  • Designed for maximum comfort and minimum efforts
  • Fine lines and ample desk space
  • Without compromising comfort, benefit from maximum utilization.
  • Use shelves to store some papers and documents.
  • Space-saving modern desk lets you stay organized.
  • Tremendous choice in terms of colours and material
  • Budget gaming desk with ease of maintenance feature


  • The instruction manual is not all-inclusive.
  • Some oval and circle holes are not adequately screwed.
  • Does not feature a waterproof MDF board at the top

It’s never easy to convert your home in a home office. It’s because you require a separate space and some additional furniture to enjoy maximum utilisation. A cheap computer desk is one of the most useful things to make your home look like a professional space. Among several desks available in the market, JOISCOPE is the most recommended brand offering you quality desks at a cost-effective price. 

3. SHW L-Shaped Home Office Wood Corner Desk, Espresso

Best Value

SHW L-Shaped Home Office Wood Corner Desk, Espresso

This is an L-shaped table perfect for corner space in your room or office to put books or tables along with other items. The table is suitable for young people with limited space to place maximum stuff. Crafted from sturdy and elegant wood, these tables feature a variety of colours and designs of wood grain, each giving your space its elegance and beauty. These are standard options for bedrooms, living rooms, and outside areas and provide every space in your home a sweet, elegant touch, making them a perfect choice for all.

Suitable For?

The table is ideal for the people seeking a space for keeping their stuff as well as adding something unique to home decor.

No products found.


  • The asking price is low, and the low budgetary allocation would easily suit you.
  • Its total weight is 52 pounds, so when going from place to place, you could also consider a convenient table.
  • It has a considerable storage space, a cheap computer desk, and makes your job very easy.
  • To store things, it has a utility drawer.
  • It is incredibly sturdy, as it consists of cheap office furniture made of MDF panels and a steel frame.
  • For those that want to use it as a PC or laptop table, it includes two side storage shelves to comfortably arrange your books, stationery, novels & other research accessories, and a keyboard sliding rack.


  • The table can not be moved much as it is long and in a different shape.
  • You need to find a suitable space in your room to put an L-shaped table.

4. Cubiker Computer Desk 47 Inch Home Office

Best Value Runner Up

Cubiker Computer Desk 47 inch Home Office Writing Study Desk, Modern Simple Style Laptop Table with Storage Bag, White

This beautiful study desk will undoubtedly become your home’s main focus with natural wood grain design, dark wenge paint, scratch, and a completely waterproof body! For a voracious reader, extra storage capacity makes a big difference. Stack as many textbooks as you want on your stylish home study desk with this bonus space!

Cubiker Computer Desk is a small and compact foldable table for bed desktop or office usage with trim storage options for the users. The table is suitable for students, and kids prefer to use their laptops in bed. 

Suitable For?

The table is suitable for students, and kids prefer to use their laptops in bed. 

No products found.


  • With a broad room to position your desktop and the gaming stuff, the more comprehensive self.
  • This table for the desktop is foldable. You can install this table very quickly. Simply unfold the four legs, and you’re able to use them.
  • Two items make up the table: sturdy wooden panels and durable metal frames. On the outer side of the table, the reflective polish makes this machine table look lovely and spectacular.


  • The only problem with the table is its compact design.
  • You will not get extra space with the table.
  • To set up a complex multi-monitor, you need to make some changes to the table.

5. Computer Folding Desk Small Space Foldable Table

Best Budget

Mr IRONSTONE 31.5” Folding Computer Desk, Small Writing Desk Easy Assembly with 10 Hooks, Foldable Metal Frame, Writing Workstation Laptop Table for Home Office (Textured Carbon Fiber Black)

This is a fantastic foldable computer table that comes with ten hooks attached to it that can be used for placing items such as headphones or wires. This table is ergonomically built and includes a large drawer with a locking feature. For useful objects, the drawer storage is beneficial, and its locking characteristics guarantee you maximum privacy & protection.

The table is suitable for students and people living in dorms due to its features.  

Suitable For?

The table is suitable for students and people living in dorms because of its beautiful features.  

No products found.


  • The best aspect of this desktop table is that just like your body posture and your liking, you can change the position of such a table.
  • It is incredibly sturdy, as it consists of cheap office furniture made of MDF panels and a metal frame.
  • To suit your office desktop and other gadgets, it has spacious ground.


  • The Table has limited space to store your stuff as it provides more hooks than shelves.
  • The table comes only in one colour, and you need to buy it only in that colour.

6. Safco Products Muv 35-49″H Stand-Up Desk

Best Budget Runner Up

JOISCOPE Home Office Computer Desk,Small Study Writing Desk with Wooden Storage Shelf,2-Tier Industrial Morden Laptop Table with Splice Board,40 inches(Vintage Oak Finish)

This is a standing desk with different level shelves offering a wide range of benefits. The desk is suitable for people working in shops or counters while serving the customers.  You can quickly put this desk on different occasions at your home or even at your workplace without any problem. Besides, the desk looks premium and offers real comfort as well as sturdiness. 

What are the advantages of the JOISCOPE home office computer desk?

  • Multiple Color: JOISCOPE offers two colours so that you can make an effective selection that matches your home style. The simple yet aesthetic design will make your home office appearance more organised. 
  • Storage Space: This desk provides a massive side storage area. You can place your PC gamer, computer, particleboard, and even a printer in one corner. Additionally, such an ample storage space enables you to store some papers and documents in it.
  • Quality Material: JOISCOPE uses standard quality wood to be robust during use. Compared to the Atlantic gaming desk, this home office desk can bear more weight. This desk is reliable and durable, enabling it for long-term use.
  • Easy To Install: Steel and wood structure of this desk is sturdy and easy to assemble. These items are equipped with proper installation instructions. Well-defined knowledge of how to use installation tools makes it trouble-free to use this desk. 
  • Comfortable Sitting: One can get comfortable sitting with this computer gaming desk. You can either do office work or relax without any sort of discomfort or stress on this desk. Unlike I shaped desks, you can enjoy a convenient sitting experience as long as you want.

Suitable For?

The table is perfect for the people looking for a desk where they need to stand for a long time and work.

No products found.


  • The table is made of two things: concrete, wooden panels and sturdy metal frames. The reflective surface on the outer side of the table makes this table look excellent and impressive.
  • The table comes with adjustable foot pads computer desk table so you can easily adjust the table on uneven surfaces.
  • The length of the Need Foldable desktop table is 49 inches and can adjust several peripherals.


  • The table is not much suitable for people who can not stand for long.
  • The table comes with shelves that are not very reliable as these shelves are open from all sides.

Things to look for/ attributes that differentiate this gaming computer desk

The right computer desk for your home office can make your working schedule much smoother. On the contrary, choosing the wrong one can make it more miserable. When the time comes to buy a modern plus robust office desk, nothing can beat the JOISCOPE home office desk. Here’s why:

  • Combination of paperwork, dining, computer, and more: Considering this best cheap gaming desk helps you to meet both works as well as meeting space. One can give an impressive presentation for clients in an organised way. 
  • Matches your workstyle habits and home-style: If you consider yourself a creative and genius work type person then buying this home office desk is profitable. Giving you an optimal space, you will find it sufficient for office purposes. The plus part is that its attractive and elegant style suits your home design.
  • Durable Desk Surface: Constructed with premium powder-coated steel, the JOISCOPE home desk shows why it’s the most durable pick. It is suitable for long-term heavy use without struggling with installation and weight carrying capacity. 

What’s the best way to use this type of computer desk?

Do you spend several hours at your desk regularly? If yes, then even the smallest features of your workspace such as chair height, the position of monitors, and your desk surface can affect your productivity. Don’t let inferior desk gaming surfaces mess with your working environment. Consider JOISCOPE home office computer desk and use it for writing, exhibition, presentations, or any other purposes.

  • Convert your guest room into a dual-purpose room with this desk. It’s a hassle-free way to enjoy a dedicated space cost-effectively.
  • Don’t underestimate your surroundings while setting up your newly bought desk. It’s because the surrounding environment plays a vital role to affect your work productivity. Choose a room with a window to feel calmer and more focused while doing office work. 
  • It’s better to arrange your books in a systematic order on the desk surface. It will let you find any text that you need rapidly. Apart from it, you can place plants at the corner desk to enhance your working efficiency.

Precautions for using this computer desk

Being working professionals, you might spend nearly 7 hours or more at your computer desk. It’s beneficial to consider some precautions to avoid troubles like aching back, painful hands, or tired eyes after working on the computer desk. Even if you are using this desk for gaming, still it becomes essential to take some precautions. 

  • Follow Installation Guide: Don’t forget to use a comprehensive installation guide while assembling this computer desk. 
  • Organised desk area: Messy work area can distract you. It is useful to keep your work area organised and clean. You will not only be less distracted but also have efficient room space for the work material. 
  • Worksurface: JOISCOPE best gaming desks let you keep monitors at least 20 inches from your eyes. An ideal desk height with no sharp edge protects your eyes as well as wrists from severe injury. 


Made with durable material, JOISCOPE folding desk is robust and sturdy. Everything required for easy to assemble and installation is provided for effortless setup. The wall-mounted home office desk folds up when not in use. It not only makes up for in storage size but in style as well. The quality materials, affordable price, and multiple features let you focus on your work with high efficiency and productivity. So, whether you are setting up a gaming room or a home office, the JOISCOPE home office desk serves as the best product in terms of space and elegance.

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