How To Repair Zero Gravity Chair?

The advent of the new age has brought several kinds of technological advancements that have made man’s life so much easier and comfortable. You can think of the zero gravity chair as something like so. Originally designed for astronauts because they need to stay in an environment of zero gravity. These chairs can emulate the same kind of field for you.

However, today these chairs have found their way to our homes as lounge chairs and people love chilling on them. The specialty of a zero gravity chair is that one wouldn’t feel the entire weight of your body on a single body part and can relax comfortably. Normally, a regular chair would put your entire body weight on your lower back and hip area. This is what gives you back pain and several other musculoskeletal problems when you sit for long durations.

But, a zero gravity chair can take all that away and has a lot of health benefits too. You could also consider using it as an office chair seat if you spend most of your time working at a desk job. This article will tell you how to repair a zero gravity chair because let’s be honest, aging is not that graceful for any person or anything. And you don’t want to miss out relaxing on this magical furniture piece. Read on to find out!

How To Repair A Zero Gravity Chair

Having a zero gravity chair can prove to be a great thing especially during holidays. This is an awesome chair as far as relaxation is concerned. Place it in your backyard or on the patio and you can wind up in it whenever you are free or during a party as well. Other than that, a zero gravity chair comes with several health benefits.

A zero gravity chair might cost you a hundred or two hundred dollars but a high-quality zero gravity chair is definitely worth the investment. However, a downside to this is that after regular usage for a couple of years, the quality of a zero gravity chair doesn’t really stay the same.

It will be quite silly to throw off such a costly item and get a zero gravity chair replacement. Instead, you can repair it and that too yourself. In this article, we give you details about how to repair your zero gravity chair.

Generally, five types of issues are seen with zero gravity chairs, and here’s how you should repair and resolve them:

1.How To Restring a Zero Gravity Chair?

Most of the old zero gravity chairs face the same issue and that is its cord/string getting lose or breaking down. Even it is just loose, still you can’t expect proper comfort and flexibility provided by it before. The only way out here is to replace the cord. These cords are easy to get and can be found anywhere like on eBay, Amazon, Walmart, etc. However, the tough part is replacing the chair’s cords. Some of the other things you need for the replacement are cable ties, scissors, and bungee cord.

Step 1. First, tie every hole of the chair’s fabric to the metal rod adjoining with cable ties.

Step 2. When all holes of the fabric are tied to the metal using cable ties, then you can cut the precious string using scissors. Make sure you cut from the bellow part of the chair and take off the old cord.

Step 3. Fold the new cord in a double-layer form and make a node with it at the bottom metal part of the chair.

Step 4. Now, connect the entire chair fabric with the new cord.

Step 5. When you have finished tying the new cord, cut the cable ties and that’s all.

2.How To Repair/Replace The Headrest Of A Zero Gravity Chair?

At times, the elastic of the headrest of a zero gravity chair can also loosen and you won’t be able to recline comfortably on your chair. To solve this issue, all you need to do is cut down the old elastic and then, replace it. Else, you can buy a new headrest from the market too. This simple task of repairing the headrest of your zero gravity chair can restore its efficiency and increase your comfort level a lot.

3.How To Repair Cracks In The Chair Frame of a Zero Gravity Chair?

In case your zero gravity chair is made of wooden, then it’s not surprising to find some cracks after using the chair for a couple of years. Use some wood glue to fill those cracks and it’s good to go. Although it’s not quite common to find cracks in a metal frame, still it’s possible. If you have found cracks in the metal frame of your zero gravity chair then you need to weld those areas with a welding machine.

4.How To Fix Loose Locking System Of Zero Gravity Chair?

When you use a zero gravity chair regularly for a couple of months, you might find that its locking system is loosening by the day. It becomes quite difficult to keep your chair in the desired position and hence, the experience is ruined. This issue is also seen a lot with oversized anti-gravity chairs. The reason behind this problem is the bolts and screws getting loose. Just tighten the screws and bolts and hopefully, all will go back to as it was before.

Sometimes, this technique might not work if your chair is very old or the metal frame is not strong anymore. In such a situation, it could become difficult to place your zero gravity chair in position. To solve this, follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Replace the strut rod with a new one made of two Heim joints and a quarter-inch bar if the rods aren’t sturdy enough or have broken down.

Step 2: Build the new rod piece and place it in the position of the old one with screws.

5.How To Replace The Fabric of Zero Gravity Chair?

Like any other fabric, the fabric used on your zero gravity chair can also fade up with time. Moreover, people prefer using and keeping such chairs outdoor. So, you should consider replacing it with a new one once it becomes old or tears up somewhere. You’ll find fabrics for your zero gravity chair in your nearby stores, online, or get it from Walmart.

This method involves similar steps as those in replacing the string of a zero gravity chair. So, go through that section for better understanding. All you need to do is open up all the cords of your chair. Then, replace the old fabric with a brand new one. If the old fabric has small cuts or tears, then you can patch those areas by stitching small pieces of fabric.

Note: If you can’t resolve the issue even after hours of trying, then call the brand or a service person to gain more information and help about the situation.

Final Thoughts

A high-quality zero gravity chair is great for body aches like back pains. They are long-lasting and you generally, don’t need to repair these time and again. However, if it might need some repairing at times and you shouldn’t replace the chair with a new one for this reason. Zero gravity chairs are easy to repair, so much so that you can do it at your home. Hopefully, the methods given in this article have served their purpose and taught you how to fix your zero gravity chair at home on your own. Lastly, do not forget to maintain your chair properly and use it carefully to increase its life.

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