5 Best Massage Chairs Under $1000 for 2024 – Relaxation Heaven!

A massage after a long and draining day?

Lying down and relaxing after a soul-wrenching time?

Easing your muscles and relaxing your tension points?

Do all of these things sound like heaven to you? If yes, then you are going to love the idea of massaging chairs. Once I tried one, there was no going back for me. The best massage not only feels good, but it has also been proven beneficial.

Massage therapy is widely known to be beneficial for stress relief, improving blood circulation, providing relief from back pain, easing muscle tensions and knots, and elevating mood. Going to a masseuse every day isn’t possible for many. There are time restrictions, budget restrictions, or both.

Having the best massage chair at home or even your offices makes it easier for you to get a massage whenever you feel like it. You can make it a part of your self-care routine. Today I bring you a few options for the best massage chair under $1000 and also answer a few questions that you might have regarding these chairs. I also have a buying guide to help you through the process.

So, let’s get started…

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Best Massage Chairs Under $1000

Frequently Asked Questions

Buying Guide – What to Look for When Buying a Massage Chair Under $1000

What are the Benefits of a Massage Chair?

Best Massage Chairs Under $1000

1. Real Relax Massage Chair

Beat Overall

Real Relax Massage Chair gives you the benefit of zero-gravity massages with its fully reclining feature. This chair is a %currentyear% edition, which is an upgrade; it comes with six auto modes in regards to speed and strength settings.

This shiatsu recliner massage chair provides a lot of benefits. You can just recline it back or forward and relax. You can use it for relaxing after a tiring day, watching TV, or just catching a break, and it will serve the purpose well.

This chair is equipped with eight rollers for the neck, and 50 airbags, that are spread across the chair. These airbags are designed in a way to soothe and support different parts of your bodies, like feet, calves, hips, lower back, arms, and shoulders. 

Each section is engineered with different specialized techniques to enhance the experience that this chair has to offer. The air, squeeze, and vibrating functions help the rollers and airbags to massage you from head to toe.

The zero-gravity massage feature is easy to access; it is as easy as pressing a button. You will feel weightless as the chair massages your entire body. It gives you the feeling of human touch or human massage.

This chair, with all its functionalities, has even more added to it. The latest update that happened to this chair has added the ability to play audio via bluetooth. Add in music to your massage, and that’s heaven to many. 

This massage chair is easy to assemble. Talking about ease, it also comes with a remote control that lets you play with the settings with convenience and ease. It also doesn’t take up a whole lot of space. 

The chair can support people as tall as 6.1 feet and a weight capacity of 400 pounds. You get two color schemes, one is your normal, muted one that goes well with most decor – brown-and-khaki, and another one helps add a pop of color to your room – blue-and-khaki.

Real Relax Massage Chair is Suitable For:

This chair is the best massage chair for tall and big people as it can handle a maximum height of 6.1 feet and a maximum of 400 lbs of weight. Audio play via bluetooth is another selling people who want to create a whole vibe to relax.

Real Relax 2023 Massage Chair of Dual-core S Track,...
  • Updated version of favor 03 plus, dual-core S track neck back robots hands rollers up and down, generate a more effective massage to neck...
  • More Effective neck massage: Suitable neck massage position can be chosen to fit your height, 3 levels of adjustable massage intensity to...
  • One button zero-gravity, and backrest reclining angle can be adjusted independently.


  • It has six auto modes for speed and strength.
  • It has eight rollers for your neck.
  • It has 50 airbags that are spread across the chair to target different zones of the body.
  • The air, squeezing, and vibrating functions are used to deliver comfort and provide relief.
  • It has a weight capacity of 400 lbs.
  • It has a height capacity of 6.1 feet.


  • It does not provide complete zero-gravity support and experience.
  • Although it is easy to assemble, it can still be hard to set up.
  • The intensity of the mild massage level can be too intense for some people.

2. HomCom Heated Massage Chair

Best Value

This HomCom heated massage chair is constructed with a uniquely contoured design. This design follows your body’s natural curvature and provides support and comfort. It has a lot of different features to focus on.

It has eight vibration motors that can be activated collectively or individually to suit your needs. You can target your lower back, upper back, calves, and thighs with these, or all at once.

The combination of vibrating motors and airbags help you soothe your thighs, waist, and back. It also comes with five pre-programmed massage functions that will give you a quick selection process and easy to use experience.

There are two levels of speed and intensity. You also get to choose if you want a heated massage or just a regular setting. All of these settings and options make this chair a multi-functional piece.

This chair also comes with a retractable footrest. You can attach the footrest if you need it and then store it away, hence saving space, because this chair is on the bulkier side. The chair can support up to 375 lbs of user weight, so that is a plus.

You can recline the chair up to 150 degrees, and it has a 360-degree swivel on a steel frame. The construction material makes both these functions stable despite the chair being heavy.

The HomCom chair comes with a side pocket for your magazines or remote and also has cup holders in both the armrests. Talk about convenience! The best part is that all of these fully customizable features come in a chair that costs under $500.

HomCom Heated Massage Chair is Suitable For:

This heated massage chair is perfect for pampering yourself after a long and tiring day. It has a variety of massage options, which are all customizable. You get cup holders to relax with a drink if you want. It can support up to 375 lbs, so it is suitable for a wide spectrum of people. It is also great for people on a tight budget who can’t shell out close to $1000 but still want premium functions. It is truly value for money.

HOMCOM Vibration Massage Recliner Chair for Living Room...
  • Recline in Comfort and Style: With overstuffed padding, soft faux leather, heating and vibration options, manual reclining, rocking,...
  • Soothing Heating Function: A heating function in the waist area warms and helps soothe the body's aches and pains as you sit and recline....
  • Vibrating Function Throughout: This recliner chair has a total of eight vibrating massage motors that target four zones in the upper and...


  • It contours based on your body’s natural curvature and provides relief.
  • It has highly customizable settings.
  • It has pre-programmed massage settings and also customizable options to choose from.
  • The vibration motors can be individually or collectively activated. This gives you a chance to either target a specific area or your whole body.
  • It has a weight capacity of 375 lbs.
  • It has a retractable footrest, side pouch, and cup holders on both armrests.


  • Since the chair is heavy, it can get very warm, especially if you have thin clothes on.
  • The intensity options can be too strong for some users.

3. Best Choice Electric Massage Recliner Chair

Best Back Massage

This is the one of the most affordable massage chairs on this list, but the construction makes it stand out from the other affordable massage chair options. The Best Choice Electric Massage Recliner Chair, along with an ottoman, is built with a very sturdy frame that can last you a long time.

The backrest is equipped with double padded cushioning for a comfortable massaging experience. The armrests have soft padding as well. The seat is well-cushioned to complement the padded back. 

The ottoman that comes with this chair isn’t neglected; it comes padded to enhance your experience. You also get a storage side pouch to hold your books, magazines, controller, or your phone. The chair and the ottoman legs have 1-inch plastic protectors to protect your floors from being scratched.

The chair has five preset massage sequences to suit your needs. You also get nine levels of intensity so that you can tweak the massage sessions depending on the day you are having or the intensity of the massage you would like. The massage modes can be coupled with heat therapy or can be used on their own.

There are two modes of kneading option available that target different massage points of your body like your lower back, your upper back, lumbar, thighs, and your calves.

The chair recline, though supportive, needs manual adjustment. The faux leather covering the padded comfort makes it easy to clean and maintain. The chair swivels and also supports up to 250 lbs of weight.

The Best Choice Chair is Suitable for:

This chair is suitable for people who spend long hours working in their chairs, like programmers, writers, executive managers, etc. It provides support for long hours of work and comfort for breaks in between. The massage option is sure to relax people whenever fatigue takes over.

Best Choice Products Faux Leather Electric Massage...
  • MASSAGE + HEAT: Loosen up from top to bottom with heat in the chair's backrest, plus massage points in the seat and ottoman to knead the...
  • CHARMING FURNITURE: This comfy addition to your living space also provides an elegant, inviting appearance that makes the living room and...
  • COMFORTABLE RECLINE: A double-padded backrest reclines for blissful relaxation, while soft armrest, seat, and ottoman cushions provide...


  • This chair comes with an ottoman that functions as a detachable footrest.
  • The back is double padded, and the seat is well-cushioned.
  • The chair and ottoman legs have 1-inch plastic pads to protect your floors.
  • This chair features a side pouch.


  • The faux leather can emit a smell, especially when the heating function is on.
  • The seat height is not adjustable.

4. BestMassage Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair

Best Shiatsu

The shiatsu program is great for deep tissue massages. If that is what you are looking for, then BestMassage Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair might just be the thing for you. The design aims at simulating the Japanese technique to provide you some deep tissue relief.

Along with shiatsu, you also get your basic kneading, knocking, and tapping actions in this chair, making it even more versatile. The settings and usage of this massage chair are controlled by a remote, which makes setting this chair up and using it an automated process. 

This helps people get more use out of it, as manual setups are usually not preferred for something that might hinder the experience. This also makes it risk-free to set up the system, as moving and adjusting a big chair every day can make you prone to injuries.

The Heat therapy system is used to optimize the settings’ effect in the foot and waist areas. There are power rollers that will help you release any muscle tension. The massage heads target your neck area to relieve it of stiffness as well. 

The various settings can all be changed depending on the various stages of the session, hence, making it a customizable experience. What truly makes it customizable, is the Recovery, Extend, and Relax programs. 

There is also a Sleeping Mode that helps the chair stay in the reclined position in case you fall asleep after the massage is done. This makes sure that the chair doesn’t move or return to the upright position and doesn’t disturb you and wake you up from your nap.

Speaking of positions, it also adjusts to the contours of your back, so you get support as well as comfort during your massage sessions. It also comes with an extendable leg rest and 30+ airbags.

BestMassage Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair is Suitable for:

Not just shiatsu, there are simple kneading, knocking, and tapping options available as well. This is a device that works for different people who want different things from their massage therapy. This chair is sort of the one chair that fits all types.

Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner with...
  • ★【ADJUSTABLE MASSAGE CHAIR】: You can adjust the angle of the massage chair according to your needs. Speed control, width control,...
  • ★【AIR MASSAGE SYSTEM with HEAT THERAPY】: There are total 21 air bags which are strategically located in the arms, hips, shoulder,...
  • ★【COMPUTERIZED BODY SCANNING】: Smart body scan technology scans your body to detect your body size for individual custom fit...


  • It has a well-programmed shiatsu massage.
  • There are comprehensive settings that can be changed depending on the stage of the massage session.
  • This chair comes with a Sleep Mode option, which prevents your sleep from being disturbed.
  • This chair comes with extendable leg rest.
  • The heat therapy system is used to optimize the settings in this chair.


  • This chair doesn’t come with a bluetooth audio function.

5. OOTORI Full Body Massage Chair

Best Budget

OOTORI is a good option if you are tight on budget but still want a chair that has a heating function, vibrations, rollers, extendable footrest, airbags, and zero gravity mode, among other things. 

The chair is durable and can easily be used regularly without much trouble. It has synthetic leather covers, which is actually quite soft and also makes it easy to clean. This option is necessary as this massage chair is created to serve children and adults alike.

You get to customize a massage session based on your needs. The rollers are mostly for the feet area, so if you are someone who stands for the majority of the day, then this can come in handy for you.

There are also pre-programmed massage sessions to help you just hop in and relax. It has a heating function to make sure that you get the benefits of heat therapy. It comes with an extendable footrest for comfort. 

One extra feature that this massage chair has is the HD VFD display screen. This helps you see the speed levels and customize the massages based on your liking.

This chair is lighter than most discussed here, so putting it together becomes an easy task. The seat comes in unassembled, so you will have to do that on your own, but because it is not that heavy, it can be managed.

The lighter build has one disadvantage, and that is that the chair can only support users weighing up to 220 lbs. They might not be for the big, but they still are for the tall. You can easily be accommodated if you fall under the weight range and are up to or around 6 feet.

The company also gives you a 3-year warranty, which shows its faith in the chair’s construction and durability.

OOTORI Full Body Massage Chair is Suitable for:

This chair is great for family use, as it is designed keeping children and adults in mind. However, be mindful of the 220 lbs weight capacity.

OOTORI N500Pro Massage Chair, 3-Year Warranty Massage...
  • 【10+ Stages Zero Gravity】The latest OOTORI N500PRO massage chair has improved a lot in zero gravity mode.More than 10 angles are...
  • 【Massage Chairs Full Body and Recliner】OOTORI zero gravity massage chair can be used as a regular recliner chair when adjusting the...
  • 【Full Body Electric Massage Chair】The chair Massager airbags cover the shoulders, arms, hips and feet area, you can adjust the intense...


  • This chair has an HD VFD display screen.
  • It is lightweight, so it is easier to move around.
  • You get a 3-year warranty.
  • It can easily accommodate tall people.


  • The weight capacity of the chair is limited.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Popular Massage Therapy Techniques?

I have mentioned rollers, vibrations, kneading, tapping, and shiatsu in my reviews. If you are wondering what these are, then I am here to provide some clarity to the type of massage treatments that you get from each option.

1. Vibrations

Vibrations help you relieve tension from your body and are the base of most massage chairs and techniques. This technique is very relaxing and makes one feel rejuvenated.

2. Rollers or Rolling

Rolling is great for areas such as neck, back, or feet. Rollers are used in the massage chair that moves along the track to target specific areas. I have discussed vibrations and rollers in the next question.

3. Tapping

Tapping is a technique that employs rapid pushing to help relieve tension in the muscles. It is one of the things that people associate massages with and is common for kids to know about, as this is what is portrayed when talking about massages.

4. Kneading

Kneading is basically stimulating the pressure points using circular motions. The basic goal of kneading is to improve blood circulation. Tapping and kneading, in combination, are the poster moves of massaging techniques in the masses.

5. Shiatsu

Shiatsu is a Japanese massage technique that helps the chair simulate an acupuncture type treatment. It is a combination of kneading, pressing, tapping, stretching, and soothing techniques. 

It traditionally uses finger and palm pressure to target various pressure points of the body. A massage chair equipped with this technique is great to relieve stress and ease tension from specific points in the body.

What is the Purpose of Vibrations and Rollers in a Massage Chair?

I have talked a lot about rollers that target your body and/or the intensity of vibrations when talking about all the massage chairs, but what are those?

The simple answer would be that these are technologies that let the chair give you the experience of getting a human-like massage. You get some semblance of human touch from your chair.


Vibrations are used to provide you with a therapeutic massage experience. Vibrations are one of the main features of massage chairs, so you will find them in even the cheapest models. These vibrations are generally generated by placing small mechanisms containing gears or weighted wheels.

Most devices that vibrate use this mechanism. Vibrations are used to soothe your muscles and relax tired muscles. Massage chairs that are budget-friendly come with vibrations-only mode because they make the essence of massage chairs.


Rollers are what give you the massage and target specific problem areas. Because rollers are mechanical devices, they are limited by their size, so massage chairs often use multiple rollers to focus on the different zones of your body.

They are the robotic arms that employ different massage techniques. They are mechanical devices that are powered by electric motors. If you want kneading, stretching, tapping, and other such techniques to be included, then you will have to choose a massage chair with rollers. Vibration-only chairs will not provide you with a deep massage.

Because the rollers are confined to their frame structure, the tracks mounted on the massage chair frame direct the working position of the roller and the direction they work in. In simple words, the area of the chair the roller is placed in decides if the roller goes up and down, or left or right, or moves in a circular motion. This helps you have dedicated back rollers and foot rollers. 

Advanced designs also make the roller move to and fro in regards to your body, which contributes to the human-like massage feeling.

What is the Difference Between a Recliner and a Zero-Gravity Chair?

Reclining position and the zero gravity position might seem the same to people, and this can cause confusion when going chair shopping because many chairs sell in the zero-gravity massage chair category while others will be in the recliner category.

Reclining Chairs 

Reclining chairs or recliners allow you to push the back of the chair at certain angles and all the different chairs recline at different angles. For e.g., 45 degrees would be forward relining, and 155 degrees would be backward reclining. Some chairs come with a reclining limit, while others provide you with a full recline option, which is 180 degrees.

Zero-Gravity Chairs

A zero-gravity position is a form of a reclining position. Your legs are lifted above the level of your heart; this is what gives the feeling of weightlessness as your weight is distributed evenly. This position supports your body well and allows you to take benefits of a more intense massage than when you are lying on your back or stomach.

Main Difference Between Both Chairs

A zero-gravity position is a form of the reclining position, so a zero-gravity massage chair is a form of a fully reclining chair. But, a zero-gravity massage chair focuses on the angle between your torso and legs as it lifts the leg as well. The reclining chair only focuses on the angle of the back.

Hence, all zero-gravity chairs are reclining chairs, but not all reclining chairs are zero-gravity chairs, so you can say that zero-gravity chairs are a subcategory of recliners.

What are the Different Types of Tracks?

The kind of tracks that a massage chair uses tells you about the focus of the massages that the chair is going to offer. There are a few common options of tracks currently that will be integrated into your massage chair.

1. Fixed Frame

A fixed frame, basically, is a rectangular frame, which is the most common option, hence, is found in most of the lower-end massage chairs. They are mostly used to produce vibrations in the same spot that is supposed to target the head. 

If your chair has rollers, then they can move along the X and Y axes, which means they move top to bottom and side to side. This fixed vertical, horizontal trajectory can easily miss the curve of your spine and other massage points.

2. S-Track

Spine not being the focus was one of the major problems with fixed frames. This is solved in S-Track, which is named after the shape of the spine’s natural curve. Decent and competitive chairs come with this track.

The massage rollers included in this type of track runs from the neck to the tailbone. Because of the focus on the spine, it helps relieve back pain, especially from the lower back and lumbar region.

3. L-Track

L-Track massage chairs target specific body parts even more than S-Track. They are often used in combination. The rollers are made to reach the points in the chair where the tracks are located.

Massage chairs with L-Track contain airbags that help achieve the massage of certain areas. The airbags provide the users with compression massage to help out areas like hamstrings and glutes.

4. Hybrid L/S-Track 

As the name suggests, this is a combination of S-Track and L-Track, which means that not only your spine but also your other body parts are targeted. Along with following the spine curvature with an S-Track, the chair also helps out areas like your buttocks and thighs, sometimes even follows it to the feet with foot rollers, with the L-Track. This is usually found in high-end products.

What are 2D, 3D, and 4D Massage Chairs?

If you are looking to buy a massage chair, then you must have come across the terms ‘2D massage chairs,’ ‘3D massage chairs,’ and ‘4D massage chairs.’ I have talked about different tracks used in massage chairs, and that has a lot to do with the tag that chairs get, in terms of dimensions. This can seem technical to a newbie, so let me lay it down for you.

What is a 2D Massage Chair?

2D is your most basic type of massage chair that has rollers that move in two dimensions: up and down, which covers the area from your neck to your lower back, and side to side.

This is what is achieved with a fixed frame, as mentioned earlier. This is the basic movement that is expected from a massage chair. It is effective and provides the benefits of a nice massage, like helping you ease your sore muscles and relieve back pain.

This kind of massage also helps you be great and relaxed and work toward improving your health and wellness. You can find this movement from the cheapest chair to the most expensive chair.

What is a 3D Massage Chair?

3D massage chairs are a step up from the 2D massage chairs. Along with the up and down and side to side movement, you get a lot more dedicated roller action that targets your back as well. 

This is achieved using the S-Track that helps target the natural curvature of your spine. A 3D massage feels more like a human masseuse kneading out the problem areas. 3D chairs also come with adjustable intensity ranges.

This lets you adjust the intensity to be very gentle or provide additional intensity based on your liking. Most high-quality chairs offer up to 5 inches of additional roller movement range, which helps increase the intensity and push the rollers further 5 inches into your back.

The adjustability option makes 3D massage chairs a great option for regular households so that more than one user can easily be accommodated in the same chair.

What is a 4D Massage Chair?

4D massage chairs include everything from the 3D massage chairs and much more. The rollers go the traditional up and down and side to side route. They also move back and forth to dig into your back and provide targeted relief.

4D adds another element to make it a four-dimensional experience, and that is speed. 4D massage movements are designed to add speed variations based on the styles of massages being used. 

Like the human masseuse using pressure and speed, based on the area being worked upon, the 4D massage chair controls speed and targets the areas, especially in your back, with speeds and pauses that can help you feel the human touch.

2D vs. 3D vs. 4D Massage Chairs

2D massage chairs are the standard and have been so for many years. They work great and do their job of providing your relief and comfort effectively. If you just want the chair for recreational and relaxation purposes, then a 2D massage chair works just fine.

If you have issues like back pain that you want to be worked upon, then 3D massage chairs are a good option. 3D massage chairs were a step up from the 2D options so that the quality of the massages can be improved.

4D is the latest technology being employed and is commonly found in high-quality chairs. If you have a big budget, then you might be able to take advantage of this offering. It enhances your massage experience by upping the quality even more and helps you soothe your tense muscles and helps relieve pain from your pressure points.

If you are on a budget, you don’t have to go above and beyond. The 2D massage chair works well and has been for quite a while. If you have money to spare for a massage chair, then you can try out the 3D or 4D options.

How Long Do Massage Chairs Last?

Massage chairs are an investment, so knowing the returns you will be getting is important. A few factors that will come into play when determining the years of use you can get out of a massage chair are:

  • How regularly it is used
  • How well it is maintained
  • How much pressure is put on the chair

The more stress or pressure you put on the chair, which means the motors in the massage chair, the shorter the lifespan of the chair is going to be. Constant usage can easily wear your motor down. 

A massage chair that is equipped with a high-end motor will last you about 5-10 years. A good range massage chair ($2000-$3000) will last you about 2-3 years. Some lower-end ones can last you 2-3 months as well. 

Look for a warranty; if the company is offering a 3-year warranty, then they have faith in the product. See what parts are covered by the warranty and for how long and that will give you a fair idea of that particular brand.

What is the Best Massage Chair Under $1000?

When talking about the best massage chairs or best anything, your best is going to look different from mine. So I have talked about five different options to cover the most common categories. If you haven’t read the reviews and need a quick answer, then here’s the list.


Best Massage Chairs Under $1000

  • Best Overall – Real Relax Massage Chair
  • Best Value – HomCom Heated Massage Chair
  • Best Back Massage – Best Choice Electric Massage Recliner Chair
  • Best Shiatsu – BestMassage Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair 
  • Best Budget – OOTORI Full Body Massage Chair

If you want to know my recommendation, then I will advise going for the Real Relax Massage Chair. I will discuss it a bit more in the conclusion of this article as to why I would choose this chair.

Buying Guide – What to Look for When Buying a Massage Chair Under $1000

$1000 is a big amount for many, so you want to be sure that you are getting your money’s worth. Most of the chairs I have talked about are well under $1000, some even under $200. No matter the amount you are spending, getting the right chair that solves your issues is your main priority. 

Knowing what you need is not a feature, but is definitely something that you should have an answer to. Your search needs to start by looking for what you need. There are many options available in the market. 

The best way to not get overwhelmed or get choice fatigue is being firm on your requirements. It helps you narrow your options down. Of course, additional features are welcome but do not compromise on needs for a good deal because, in the long-term, it doesn’t feel like that good of a deal.

Let’s look at the features that you need to look out for when buying the best massage chair for yourself.


Massage chairs are assembled with a lot of moving parts, so you have to be careful when choosing the materials used for construction. Depending on your usage, you will need to invest in good quality chairs

Massage chairs are an investment, so you are likely to be using it for years, so you don’t want anything to be made of materials that are cheap. Make sure to check the material of the components and also how long they are covered by the warranty.


The material of the chair is important as you will be spending quite some time in your chair. It should be able to retain heat probably. Also, it shouldn’t get too hot when using the heating function. It should be easy to clean and should be durable. 

The most liked material for massage chairs is the durable PU leather. It helps extend the lifespan of the chair and is also easy to maintain material. It looks premium as well and feels the same. 

While at it, make sure to double-check if the amount of padding is ideal for you. The back and the seat need to have sufficient padding. Don’t forget the headrest and armrests; you need to be comfortable to enjoy your massage.

Location of the Chair

Make sure that you know where you are going to be placing the massage chair before you set out to buy one. Knowing how much legroom you are going to have or how much space you have to recline your chair is crucial while choosing the massage chair.

Some chairs are wall-huggers, but most will require to be around 6 or 7 feet away from the wall so that they have enough space to recline and also for the air to flow, especially if it is a heated chair.

Massage Function Type

The massage chairs you come across are going to have different massage functions. Different types of massages are discussed in the above sections. Depending on what kind of massage you want, or what areas of your body you want to be targeted, the massage functionality will vary.

Some chairs provide customization options. Some provide targeted rollers. Some have great preset options. See which chair provides solutions to your issues and go for that massage type centered chair.


This is why knowing what you want is important as high-priced chairs will have most of the functions and also intensity levels. If you are on a budget, there’s no point in browsing that section and then having the same expectations from your budget chair because that will make you inclined toward the chair that offers the most under budget.

A budget-chair trying to mimic a high-quality chair in terms of functionalities is going to give you a mediocre set because it is trying to do more than it is capable of. When going for a budget-chair, find one that focuses on the things you need rather than everything under the sun.

Retractable Footrest

A retractable footrest is really useful, especially in massage chairs. Having a footrest allows you to stretch your legs and relax while providing your legs with support and comfort. This helps even when the chair isn’t reclined.

A retractable footrest helps you save space by allowing you to store it away when not in use. As most massage chairs are already bulky, this allows you to clear out the area just a little bit more.


Having a warranty is always recommended as it will save you if the chair falls apart too early into your purchase. Some companies also provide extended warranty options, along with their regular warranties, for an additional cost. A good warranty also shows the company’s faith in its products. 

When getting a warranty, make sure to check what materials or components are covered for what periods because different parts of the chair will be covered for different periods of time. This is called a limited warranty.

What are the Benefits of a Massage Chair?

With a massage chair at home, you can get daily massage sessions any time you want, without worrying about the hassles of going to the massage parlor. On top of that, there are many well-documented health benefits of massage chairs. Let us have a look at some of them.

1. Recovery of Muscles After Workout

With more recovery time at hand, you can resume workout sooner by cutting down on your off or rest days of the week. Combining deep tissue massage, heated massage, and resting on the zero-gravity position all can speed up the recovery of the soreness post-workout.

2. Anxiety and Stress Relief

It has been documented through various clinical studies that getting regular massages has a positive impact on stress and anxiety. The good and the bad hormones are balanced with massages; you get dopamine release and have your serotonin levels regulated with therapeutic massages.

The stimulation of serotonin and dopamine, with the decrease of cortisol, results in the stabilization of temperament and mood swings. Having instant access to massages is great, as you can get your anxiety and stress levels in control and prevent it from reaching alarming levels to the point of causing actual illness. You also save a lot from the medication that you would have to intake otherwise, and massages have no side effects as well.

3. Helps with Sleeplessness

We are drowning in lifestyle choices that result in constant mental fatigue. Having to constantly interact with digital devices that are all around us doesn’t help either. All of this can lead to insomnia. 

Massages have been found to help in sleep-related problems and induce sleep. With a massage chair around you, you can get a quick massage session and fall asleep.

4. Helps Treat Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is one of the most common problems adults face in their life. The problem can get severe enough to the point that it develops into a chronic condition.

Getting massages regularly is recommended as a rehabilitation process for lower back pain. If the correct muscle is targeted, the pain can be controlled at its source. Massages have proven to help with the healing of muscles and pain relief.

5. Sore Muscle Pain Relief

Working, playing sports, or exercising can make your muscles sore. Sore muscles have lactic acid accumulated around them. Lactic acid is produced to fuel the muscles if not enough oxygen is present to perform the task.

Massaging these areas increases the blood flow that helps in carrying away the accumulated lactic acid and provides more oxygen.

6. Helps with Stiff Neck

Many massage chairs provide massages for the neck and shoulders. Removing the headrest can reveal the place where you can rest your neck for getting a neck massage. Getting a neck massage can be quite effective for relieving stiff neck problems.

As a result, you experience less to no headaches that are usually accompanied by a stiff neck, and you will also feel less stress as a result of increased dopamine and serotonin hormone levels.


There are a lot of massage chair options available, and that can seriously put you into analysis paralysis. This is why I have laid out a buying guide to help you determine what you want, how to go about it, and what to focus on. All these parameters make it easier to narrow down the options for the best massage chair under $1000.

I have tried to answer the frequently asked questions, like the different types of massage techniques, chairs, components, etc. I have also reviewed five massage chairs under $1000. Out of them, I recommend Real Relax Massage Chair. It is an overall great product – performance, quality, durability, customer satisfaction, and there are many more boxes that get ticked off in my list.

HomCom Heated Massage Chair also provides great value. It has a lot of functions for the price you pay, and you can get good use out of it. Best Choice Electric Massage Recliner Chair is a great option if you specifically want to target your back or other problem areas because of its customization options and pre-programmed massage sessions.

BestMassage Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair provides you with a great shiatsu massage experience and gives your massage a human touch. OOTORI Full Body Massage Chair is a great budget option if you want good functions in an affordable massage chair.

I hope I have cleared all your queries regarding the best massage chair under $1000. If you still have some, then please leave a reply, or you can check other articles out for more such info-packed solutions.

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