6 Most Expensive Office Chair

Office chairs are an integral part of a work setup. Not only are they ideal for a comfortable seating experience throughout the day, but they also support your physical health. There are various available office chairs in the market, differing based on shape, size, and price. While some are priced as low as $100, a few options are priced over tens of thousands of dollars.

Unless you make that kind of money and want to invest in the most expensive office chair available, the chances are that as a regular Joe, you will incline more towards the ones costly a few hundred dollars.

However, there are reasons why some of the most expensive office chairs are priced so exorbitantly. Maybe they are backed with scientific research to offer the most comfortable and stressless comfort to your lower back, or the high-quality materials could be the reason behind the price.

Whatever the reason be, here is a list of the most expensive office chairs that you might consider buying.

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Expensive Office Chairs – Review

  1. Wegner Swivel Chair
  2. Arne Jacobson Egg Chair
  3. Ekornes Stressless Magic Office Chair
  4. Vitra Grand Executive Highback Chair
  5. Xten Office Chair by Pininfarina
  6. Eames Soft Pad Management Chair


Expensive Office Chairs – Review

1. Wegner Swivel Chair

Designed by Hans Wegner, the Wegner Swivel Chair is hands down the most expensive executive work chair in the market. Priced around 13 grand, the uniqueness and limited quantity availability of the chair justifies the price.

Getting a first look at the chair will make you question its worth, but aside from the simple and minimalistic design, the chair is also designed with vegetal-backed leather, which acquires a patina over time.

The genuine light shade of the leather tans over time, leading to a nut-brown shade, making each piece unique. It is the combination of leather, chrome pipe, and wood that makes it the best available executive chair in the market.

It offers many customization options to the buyer, letting them choose from the four different types of wood finishes for the top rail. It comes with a choice of different colored leather and seating to match the wood finish.

The solid wood of the backrest is carved from the best quality wood that is aged over 150 years. It ensures a long-lasting finish, optimal durability, and comfortable lumbar support for the users. The wood is also dried in a controlled humidity environment for 2-years to strengthen its core.

So, if you are questioning the price tag of the Wegner Swivel Chair, I hope this answers why it is one of the most expensive office chairs in the world. The armrest is a little stiff but offers minimal support that you are likely looking for in an office chair.

Wegner Swivel Chair is Suitable for:

If you have an office space with minimal interiors and an aesthetic backdrop, this office chair would be a perfect fit for your workspace.


  • Durable quality wood construction
  • Unique and one of a kind design
  • Customizable options


  • Armrest is a little stiff.

2. Arne Jacobson Egg Chair

Although the Arne Jacobson Egg Chair gained popularity after being designed as a lobby chair for the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen, Denmark, this has made rounds as the most expensive office chair in recent times.

Designed by Arne Jacobson, this is one of the most uniquely designed chairs in the world. It started as an initial garage project by Jacobson wherein he sculpted the initial design using clay. Once he was satisfied with the primary structure, he moved on to the inner foam shell of the chair.

The backrest of this office chair is designed with the human body shape in mind. It blends with the contours of the body, ensuring optimal comfort and enhanced lumbar support too. While it was initially designed for just the hotel, the chairs are now available for commercial purposes.

To make these expensive office chairs a lot more marketable, the company has a few different variations, especially concerning the colors and quality. It has a strong foam inner shell underneath the upholstery for enhanced durability.

The rest of the chair’s construction is combined with an aluminum star base with a separate satin polished pedestal for comfortable seating. It is available in different types of color and texture variants with varying price ranges.

Arne Jacobson Egg Chair is Suitable for:

If you are looking for an executive office chair with a unique design and leather upholstery, the Arne Jacobson Egg Chair is the best option.


  • Contoured design
  • Available in multiple colors and upholstery
  • Durable aluminum construction


  • A bit bulky design

3. Ekornes Stressless Magic Office Chair

When discussing the most comfortable and ergonomic chair for your office setup, the Ekornes Stressless Magic Office Chair is the best option. The brand’s stressless range is the most popular in the market, especially for back support.

The Stressless Skyline Office chair design has a retro and vintage look to it, making it stand out amidst all the other markets. The Balance Adapt system in this expensive chair fits the requirements of a traditional and modern setting.

Aside from the cushioned design of this office cum lounge chair, it also features adjustable neck support to adjust up to 10 cm, according to one’s needs. The back and the seat of the chair mold according to the shape of the user’s body.

The chair is available in over 140 different colors along with 14 different fabric qualities. The high-quality European beechwood construction ensures a long-lasting finish without any complaints. The insides of the chair feature multi-faceted springs for optimal firmness and support for the users.

With over 40 years of innovation, this Stressless chair is designed and build in their own factories in Norway. The characteristic hourglass design base of the chair is further what justifies the quality the chair is made of.

Ekornes Stressless Office Chair is Suitable for:

The Ekornes Stressless Magic Office Chair is an ideal option for users looking for an expensive chair with beechwood construction. It is also designed with 40 years of innovation that justifies the price you pay for.


  • Durable and innovative construction
  • Available in different colors and fabrics
  • Long-lasting finish


  • Weight capacity isn’t very ideal.

4. Vitra Grand Executive Highback Chair

Another popular expensive chair you can consider buying is the Vitra Grand Executive Highback Chair. Aside from the high-quality price and the FlowMotion mechanism, this office swivel chair comes with individual adjustments for comfortable back resistance and seating.

The seat of the chair comes with integrated armrests with adjustable neck cushions and headrests to accommodate the needs of the users. The chair’s backrest is constructed with plastic material, while the remaining upholstery is made with polyurethane foam for added comfort.

The upholstery is made of leather along with a five-star swivel with an aluminum base. It also features double castors that work seamlessly on different floor types, including soft and hardwood floors. The lumbar support is an additional benefit to this product.

The best feature of this expensive office chair is the fact that it’s made of recycled material. It is made with 32% recycled material, ensuring that you are paying for a sustainable Earth. Additionally, 70% of the chair is recyclable if disposed of in the right way.

Vitra Grand Executive Highback Chair is Suitable for:

If you are looking for a good-quality office chair constructed with recycled materials and offers optimal lower back support, this is the best option in the market.


  • Made with recycled material
  • Aluminum base for enhanced durability
  • Lumbar and neck support


  • Not the best for concise people

5. Xten Office Chair by Pininfarina

When talking about the most expensive office chairs in the market, nothing beats the Xten Office Chair by Pininfarina. It is priced at $1.5 million, which is nothing short of crazy. Designed by the designers of Ferraris and Cadillacs, this office chair is one of a kind.

The primary reason why this low-back chair is so expensive is its ergonomic design. The seat and the back of the office chair are designed to move independently according to the body’s movements. This ensures optimal comfort without any questions at all.

The Technogel feature of this chair molds itself according to the user’s shape, ensuring the most comfortable seating experience throughout the day. Even the fabric in the chair is comfortable and has a breathable material that ensures all-day comfort. It uses the same fabric that is used by Olympic athletes.

The chair is available in four different colors for you to choose from. The exterior of the chair is made with durable material with a sleek and shiny finish. Although the chair’s price tag is steep, the quality and futuristic design make up for the price.

Xten Office Chair by Pininfarina is Suitable for:

This office chair is ideal for users who aren’t bound by the budget and are willing to spend any amount on the chair.


  • Backed with Technogel function
  • Breathable fabric
  • Molds according to the body’s movements


  • Over the top price point

6. Eames Soft Pad Management Chair

Herman Miller is a trendy brand, not to mention one of the most functional ones in the market. However, with so many different series available from this company, the Eames Soft Pad Management Chair is likely the best one in the market.

The chair is designed by Charles and Ray Eames, one of the most popular husband and wife designer duo. The office chair is designed with a one-piece seat-back suspension for a taut and firm design. The rest of the chair’s design is individually upholstered with thicker cushions for comfortable seating throughout the day.

The exterior of this office chair list the aluminum construction that gives it a modern and sturdy design. It is also integrated with a low-back design and the tilt-lock mechanism for easier and seamless movement.

Eames Soft Pad Management Chair is Suitable for:

This expensive office chair is ideal for the users who want leather upholstery, a comfortable tilt mechanism, and a stunning modern design, all in one.


  • Reliable brand
  • Upholstered with thicker and high-quality material
  • Designed with an aluminum frame


  • Adjustable height settings are missing.


Just because an office chair costs more doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. All the options that I have mentioned above justify the price tag they come with. They are made with the best materials, feature a modern yet highly functional design, and offer a comfortable seating experience throughout the day. So, if you are willing to spare some more money for a lifetime purchase, I’d highly recommend you check these out.

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