How to Stop the Office Chair From Rolling

Rolling chairs have many benefits in an office setting, like making you mobile and helping you reach things with ease. That being said, there’s probably nothing more annoying than an office chair that starts rolling when you want it to be still.

There can be a number of reasons why your chair rolls on its own. Whatever it might be in your case, the number one reason why you should stop it from rolling is because unwanted rolling can lead to knee strain as you constantly try to keep the chair from moving.

We’ll discuss all the reasons why this happens and give you helpful information to prevent your office chair from rolling so you can return to work without any interruptions.

Why Does Your Office Chair Roll?

There can be a number of reasons why your office chair has started rolling, but the most common ones include:

  • Your floor is tilted
  • The wheels have lost their functionality
  • The floor is slippery or made from linoleum, tile, hardwood, or other non-carpeted floors
  • You have the wrong casters on your chair
  • You have big wheels on your chair

Still unsure of the cause? Read on to see what you can do to fix this issue.

How to Stop Office Chair From Rolling?

Here are 8 easy solutions you can try to stop chairs from rolling.

Remove the Wheels on Your Rolling Desk Chair

If you haven’t yet purchased a chair for your office and know that the floors aren’t even, the best thing you can do is purchase a chair without wheels. We all know that placing furniture on uneven floors can be very time-consuming. In such cases, you need to use crafty ways to make sure that the furniture stands upright.

For instance, people often use cardboard or plastic risers to level the furniture on uneven floors. However, you can’t do that with rolling chairs. What you can do is purchase chairs without wheels.

And if you already have a chair with wheels, the next best thing is removing the wheels. Some desk chairs give you this option, but the same can’t be said for all office chairs.

If your chair has no option for removing the wheels, you can opt for fixed stationary casters that you can install instead of the rolling casters that hold the wheels. This is an easy swap that will help you use the same chair instead of purchasing a new one.

Purchase a Desk Mat

Another reason your chair may roll on its own is the smoothness of the floor. With smooth floors, there’s no friction between the casters and the floors to prevent the wheels from rolling. This applies to hardwood floors, tiles, laminates, and other smooth surfaces.

Fortunately, there’s always something you can do. One solution is purchasing a desk mat and placing it under your chair and desk. The thick rubber or silicone material on the bottom of the desk mat sticks to the surface of the floor and prevents the mat from moving around. The material on the top side is usually soft and carpet-like, which prevents the chair from sliding on its own.

Luckily, desk mats are quite affordable. They usually cost between $10 and $25, so you can try out different materials, designs, and dimensions until you find the one that suits you without stressing out about spending too much money.

Add a Carpet Under the Rolling Office Chair

Another easy solution is adding a small rug or a carpet under your desk area. This will not only stop the wheels on your chair from rolling but also reduce the friction between the wheels and your hard floor.

For this option, you can repurpose one of the carpets you already have around your house or purchase a new one that fits your office decor.

The minimal size of the rug you should go for is a 2’x3’ rug because that gives you enough space to adjust your position. However, a 4’x6’ rug is ideal because it will fit under both the office chair and the office desk.

Keep in mind that if you use a smaller rug, it can also slide around, so you might need to buy some rug stoppers, too. If you buy a bigger rug, the weight of the desk will keep both the rug and the chair in place.

So, if you’re thinking between a smaller and a larger rug, go for the larger one.

Place a Foot Rest Under Your Desk

Another way you can keep your chair from rolling is by purchasing an under-desk footrest. This solution isn’t only good at preventing the chair from rolling, but it also helps you maintain good posture while you’re working. It’s a great addition to your home office, especially if you have a sitting desk.

By lifting your feet up the footrest, the weight of your body on the chair increases, which can prevent unwanted rolling.

Check Your Chair for Locking Casters

The problem of unwanted rolling can be solved easily if your chair has locking casters. Check to see if there are brakes located on your wheels by inspecting the casters up closely.

The brakes usually look like metal plates placed horizontally or just above the wheel. Typically, they have a small handle with a switch-like mechanism you can push down to lock the caster.

If your chair doesn’t have locking casters, you can either choose one of the other alternatives we already mentioned in the article or replace the wheels with ones with locking casters.

Replace the Wheels

Replacing the wheels is one of the most practical solutions but also very versatile because it gives you a lot of options.

For instance, you can transform your chair into a stationary chair (no wheels or static wheels) or change it from static to rolling by purchasing wheels with locking casters. Depending on your flooring type, you can also buy casters that are of a more appropriate size and material, which will help you avoid unwanted rolling.

The replacement process should be straightforward and time-efficient as most wheels on rolling chairs easily pop on and off.

Buy a New Chair

When you’re having issues with your office chair and you don’t have time to fix the problem, one option is buying a new chair.

The benefit is that you’ll get a new and better chair that fits your exact preferences. So, if you’ve had your office chair for a while and you’d like to upgrade to a better one, this is probably the best solution for you. To cut your losses, you can even sell your old chair.

However, before you go to the store and buy a new chair, it’s best to spend some time researching different chairs and reading customer reviews. You’ll want to ensure that the new chair stands stable on the ground, doesn’t roll when you don’t want it to, and has everything you’re looking for in a chair. The upgrade needs to be better than your old chair, or there’s no point in switching it.

When looking for a new chair, keep in mind that heavier chairs are more sturdy and tend to roll less than lightweight chairs. Moreover, the chair’s casters must be suitable for your flooring, so keep that in mind as well.

Final Thoughts

While an office chair on wheels makes moving around the office easier, it can also cause problems, such as when it keeps rolling on its own, making you feel frustrated and unproductive.

If you like to continue using your rolling office chair, you can replace the wheels with more suitable ones or buy a desk mat or a carpet. However, if nothing works, you can always transition to a chair without wheels or buy a new chair — one with better features and a sturdier build.

We hope that our article brought you one step closer to solving this annoying issue.

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